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Write Up Your Alley New Ideas for Alternative Copy Presented by Katy Burnside.

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1 Write Up Your Alley New Ideas for Alternative Copy Presented by Katy Burnside

2 What is Alternative Copy? Quote Boxes Bio Boxes Features Lists Infographics Time Lines Q & A Boxes He Said/She Said Boxes Did You Know? Boxes Anecdotes Narratives Fact/Detail Lists Scatter Stories

3 Why Use Alternative Copy? Increases coverage of students Provides more information in a shorter format Draws reader into the spread Allows for theme development Prevents editorializing Makes coverage more INTERESTING!

4 Copy Idea How well do you know your… Student council officers Head coaches Classmates Administrators

5 Copy Idea Try a glossary of sports terms or academic terms or trends

6 Copy Idea Profile a student :by having him/her “Sound Off” on various topics Consider giving the same topic to a number of different students if opinions vary

7 Copy Idea Meet the: captains officers managers coaches teachers members

8 Copy Idea The Good and The Bad of… Dating Jobs Student Council Physics Pets Siblings Hats Computers The War in Iraq

9 Copy Ideas What’s on your to-do list that you never accomplish? What SHOULD be on your to-do list? What would your best friend add to your to-do list?

10 Copy Ideas Tell the behind-the-scene BEFORE stories: Preparations for the rival game Preparations for homecoming Preparations for the school Play

11 Copy Idea A “list” approach is appealing to the scan reader

12 Copy Idea tips from the trainer, question from a fan, quarterback’s insight

13 Copy Idea Basic interviewing techniques remain the same Here, the entire interview is featured Use this in any section of the book.

14 Copy Ideas Ask the Expert: Academics (a student or a teacher) Sports (an athlete, trainer, coach) Student Life/People (any student who is considered very knowledgeable on the topic at hand) Community (a student volunteer) Clubs (the president)

15 Copy Ideas Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced: Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Student/Teacher Athlete/Coach/Manager

16 Copy Idea Great twist for a fads/fashions spread

17 Copy Ideas Checklists could include: Asking someone to prom Surviving a blind date Decorating for homecoming Building a float Studying for finals Getting ready for school

18 Copy Idea A profile linked with a quote from the person being interviewed adds personality & voice to a feature

19 Copy Idea An hour-by-hour breakdown is easy to read and contains very specific information

20 Copy Idea Fact box + a first-person profile written in Q&A style

21 Copy Idea Track the drill team’s summer camp or the band’s trip to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

22 Copy Idea Profile boxes with stats; conclusions he said/she said; great Homecoming/Prom/Dating spread idea

23 Copy Idea A new twist on the multiple choice format The answers are already marked for the reader The “wrong” answers are “over the edge” and humorous Caution: Be careful! Attempts at humor can become tasteless very quickly

24 Copy Idea Profile several students at once Think about ways to link random students together with a common denominator: Sports Community service Leadership roles: Student Council Drum Major JROTC Captains of teams

25 Copy Idea A “30 Reasons” list provides an opportunity for 30 people to respond to a prompt Numbered lists are great ways to reinforce anniversary themes

26 Copy Idea Spice up academics coverage by listing various academics related tasks: best time to study for a test; to write the term paper; etc. Quote students in the “WHY” column

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