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ID Theft Program Solution Overview One Call | One Solution Prepared Exclusively for By.

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1 ID Theft Program Solution Overview One Call | One Solution Prepared Exclusively for By

2 The Problem | Identity Theft On average, over 9 million people become victims of identity theft annually Source: Better Business Bureau/Javelin Research 2006 Report Total yearly identity theft losses average over $50 billion Source: Better Business Bureau/Javelin Research Victims spend 300 million hours each year resolving ID Theft related problems Source: US Federal Trade Commission Report Depending on severity, resolution time range is 5 – 600 or more hours per incident; the average is 175 hours Source: US General Accounting Office Over 85% of all identity theft victims are between 18 and 59 Source: US General Accounting Office Annually theres a 1 in 25 chance that youll become an identity theft victim - one identity is compromised every 4 seconds Source: Better Business Bureau/Javelin Research 2006 Report In 2005 there were over 150 major incidents affecting more than 57 million people in the U.S Source: Federal Trade Commission and The Identity Theft Resource Center studies

3 ID Theft | Methods Identity thieves use many methods to steal personal information, including: 1.Dumpster Diving. They rummage through trash looking for bills or other paper with your personal information on it. 2.Skimming. They steal credit/debit card numbers by using a special storage device when processing your card. 3.Phishing. They pretend to be financial institutions or companies & send spam or pop-up messages to get you to reveal your personal information. 4.Changing Your Address. They divert your billing statements to another location by completing a change of address form. 5.Old Fashioned Stealing. They steal wallets & purses; mail, including bank & credit card statements; pre-approved credit offers; new checks; tax information & medical records. They steal personnel records from their employer, or bribe employees who have assess to employee data. 5.Data Breach. They steal personal data from businesses or institutions by any means, sophisticated or otherwise, accidental or intentional, whereby large amounts of personal data are targeted & breached – i.e., lost/stolen laptops, Wi-fi schemes, data media/storage devices, breached or hacked data systems intrusions, etc.

4 10 Largest Data Breaches Data Processors International 5MILLION AFFECTED March 5, 2003 Citigroup 30 MILLION June 6, 2005 U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs 26.5 MILLION May 22, 2006 Dai Nippon Printing Company (Japan) 8.6 MILLION March 12, 2007 TD Ameritrade 6.3 MILLION September 14, 2007 America Online 30 MILLION June 24, 2004 Visa, MasterCard & American Express 40 MILLION June 19, 2005 TJX Companies, Inc. 94 MILLION January 17, 2007 Fidelity National Information Services 8.5 MILLION July 3, 2007 HM Revenue and Customs (UK) 25 MILLION November 20, 20072003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Here are the 10 largest international data breaches since 2000 Source: Flowing Data/Attrition Data Loss Archive and Database

5 Insurance that helps replace financial losses due to an ID Theft Usually with deductibles Always with limitations & exclusions Solutions Steps necessary to restore a victims identity Depending on severity of situation may include: Law enforcement Creditor & governmental notification + submission of forms/affidavits, cancellation/replacement of accounts, filing of criminal reports, court appearances, dispute resolution, ID replacement And more... Caution, information & techniques to help avoid becoming a victim Is proactive vs. reactive Can include 3 rd party services like credit monitoring, credit reports & credit freezes

6 Solutions | Level of Importance

7 Introducing ID Theft Assist The Most Aggressive & Comprehensive Resolution & Prevention Product Available Today Best Benefit To Cost Ratio Best Overall Value Most Experienced Service Providers In The Industry The Only Plan With Presence In > 200 Locations worldwide – Clear Choice For Anyone Who Travels Domestically Or internationally

8 Family Coverage Most Time to activate recovery planWithin minutes of 1 st callMost 1-3 days Pre-incident E-Mail Alert Credit Monitoring Obtain Real-Time Credit Report Needs Assessment Most ID Theft Affidavit Submission Report Fraud To Creditor Most File Criminal Report Few Forward Criminal Report To Creditors Credit & Charge Card Replacement Most Cancel Checks/ATM Cards/Other Banking Tools Some Report Fraud To Social Security Administration Some Assistance w/ Identification Replacement Few Postal Inspector Notification Most Creditor Fraud Department Notification Some Place Fraud Alerts w/ Credit Reporting Agencies Assist w/ Obtaining Credit Report Provide ID Theft Response Kit Most Worldwide Language Translation Service Cash Advances Free Initial Legal Consultation Legal Needs Discount Unlimited Phone Emotional Support In-Person Emotional Trauma Support Worldwide - Representatives in over 200 countries Typical Competing Restoration Plans Platinum Plan Competitor Gap Analysis

9 Operational Team 24 x 7 single source intake for victim & is backbone of ID Theft Assist service Long-term solutions to the stress, legal, and financial ramification of identity theft worldwide benefit services Enhances the speed of recovery by providing the needed credit background and protective monitoring services

10 Europ Assistance USA Operating since 1982 in the U.S & office has not closed for 1 single day Today has: 25+ million Covered Members 125 Employees in DC/4,300 worldwide Coordinators are fluent in 28 languages 24 x 7 x 365 D.C. Assistance Center Provides victims with the necessary speed & timesaving capabilities in the critical early stages of identity theft discovery Part of Europ Assistance Group: > 40 years assistance business experience ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

11 Trans Union Leading global provider of business intelligence services: Supported by 3600 employees in 24 countries worldwide. Provides real-time access to victims credit report to accelerate recovery. Offers pre-incident credit monitoring Service through subsidiary True Credit Part of Platinum Serviceno extra cost Includes free credit freezemore effective preventative tool than fraud alert, ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

12 Affinity Care Created to meet the unique and increasingly complex issues facing businesses 20+ years of experience has allowed creation of preferred vendor relationships with specialty service providers nationally and internationally. 24/7 counselor support, emotional assistance for the victim is just a phone call away. Provides long-term credit restoration needs, such as resolving any disputes with creditors ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

13 Worldwide Benefit Services North American Distributor for Individual Consumers Employers & Employees Affinity Groups, Insurers & Other Organizations Distribution Channels: Brokers /Consultants TPAs/TPMs [ Operational Partners ] Delivery System

14 Standards Of Excellence 2008 Q3 Customer Feedback Survey Results: Overall Quality of Service96%Speed of Assistance96% Overall Employee Rating96%Assistance Provided92% Advocates Very Helpful85%Customer Service98% Follow-up91%Recommendation to others89% Telephony Metric CategoryStandardActual Average Speed of Answer15 seconds8 seconds Telephone Service Factor85%90% Maximum Busy Signals2%0% Maximum Abandoned Calls3%1.5%

15 Some of ID Theft Assist's & Its Operational Partners Clients ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

16 Service Levels All Levels of Service Plans Capture all necessary information & complete an initial needs assessment while the victim is on the phone to determine if a fraud or theft has occurred & act on it immediately. Notify all 3 major credit-reporting agencies of the ID theft. Cancel & replace credit & charge cards Assist participant in placing a "Fraud Alert" on his/her credit report. Provide the participant with a helpful "ID Theft Action Kit Translate 25+ languages whenever necessary; i.e. when victim is overseas & needs help communicating with local police in order to file a report or if victims first language is not English. ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

17 Service Levels Gold & Platinum Levels Provide access to daily credit monitoring (Post-Incident for Gold Level; Pre-Incident of Platinum Level) Provide participant with a uniform ID Theft Affidavit, answer any questions regarding completion of the affidavit & affidavit to proper authorities, credit bureaus & creditors. Obtain list of creditors & contact them with separate itemized fraudulent account statements for each fraudulent occurrence. Report the fraudulent activity to Local authorities & forward report to creditors. Notify the fraud department of participant's creditors. Report the ID theft to the Federal Trade Commission. Home-state specific paperwork & services Educate the participant on how ID Theft occurs & inform him/her of protective measures to take to avoid further occurrences. Provide emergency cash advance when theft occurs away from home. ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

18 Service Levels Platinum Level Only Review real-time credit history with victim & identify fraudulent accounts & activity. Medical ID Theft Services. Perform legal document review and free initial legal consultation. Draft a victim impact letter to the judge handling the case if impostor is apprehended and stands trial. Determine best legal action to take against creditors or how to work with credit bureaus if creditors are not cooperative in removing fraudulent entries from participant's credit report. Give advice for ancillary problems caused by identity theft. Offer unlimited 24/7 telephone access to Master-level Consultants to help participant alleviate stress & anxiety caused by ID Theft. Arrange access, when needed, to up to 3 in-person sessions with a professional in our national network of Behavioral Specialists to help participant deal with the emotional trauma of ID Theft. ID TheftAssist ID TheftAssist

19 ID Theft Assist Call 866-MY-ID-911 or visit for more information

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