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Combining Social Media with Help Authoring Tom Johnson.

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1 Combining Social Media with Help Authoring Tom Johnson

2 The Allure of Social Media


4 Wikis



7 Advantages of Wikis Wisdom of users Group collaboration Easy updates Visible writing process SME contributions Transform the tech writer role Integrate user's perspective Simple tools

8 Drawbacks of Wikis Primitive formatting Simple website No single sourcing Printed manuals difficult Infrastructure limitations Marginal user contributions Requires a leader Inaccuracies problematic Resistant corporate culture

9 Blogs





14 Advantages of Blogs Communication venue Convert users to power users Feature requests/bugs Connection with users SEO Power Personalized company face

15 Drawbacks of Blogs Not integrated with online help Requires a blogger RSS ignorance Comment spam Getting the right tone is tough

16 Social Networks




20 Advantages of Social Networks Visual pictures of users Niche conversations Another contact point

21 Drawbacks of Social Networks No one goes there Another login Only web-based

22 Podcasts/Videocasts



25 Advantages of Podcasts/Videocasts Engaging format Users have rich media devices Great blog content

26 Drawbacks of Podcasts/Videocasts Time consuming Lengthy to watch or listen to Equipment costs

27 Forums



30 Advantages of Forums Comfortable atmosphere Empowers enthusiastic users Increases your support resources One-to-many communication

31 Drawbacks of Forums Unanswered questions sour users Not integrated with online help Updating is a nightmare Gives voice to frustration Another hat to wear

32 Interactive Help



35 Advantages of Interactive Help Another point of interactivity Topic ratings potentially useful

36 Drawbacks of Interactive Help No one uses it

37 Transformations for Tech Writers Less technical writing Multiple hats Expert knowledge about users Product leader and influencer

38 Tom Johnson 801-822-2241

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