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Recruitment 3.0 Connecting with generation 1011001 NAICU Annual Meeting February 4, 2007.

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1 Recruitment 3.0 Connecting with generation 1011001 NAICU Annual Meeting February 4, 2007


3 We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of a given moments scenarios. Pattern recognition. William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

4 The five big trends that are changing marketing and communication (and everything else)

5 The Consumer is in control Power ProducersConsumers

6 6 6

7 7 7

8 Power to the people… Factoid: 1/3 of Internet users visited automotive sites in February 2003. MediaMetrix

9 Atoms to bits Information AtomsBits

10 The path from atoms to bits…

11 Real time to My time Media consumption LinearNonlinear

12 fastforward…

13 Centralization is dead structures Hierarchies Networks

14 From org charts…

15 … to organic growth

16 The future is always on Data/Power Wired Wireless

17 50% of 10-18 year olds have their own mobile phone Source: GfK NOP Technology (A study of )144 cell-phone users between the ages of 16 and 40 from several countries and found that teenagers were so immersed in the technology that they often saw little difference between meeting face to face and talking on the phone. Wired News, May 16, 2003 * 63% of 18-27 year olds text message * 31% of 28-39 year olds text message * 18% of 40-49 year olds text message source: pew internet & american life project


19 Generation 1011001

20 20 fundamental effects Search begins early...really early. Expectation of access Low tolerance for marketing-speak DIY mentality Authenticity matters. A lot. Impression formed online & quickly Wider array of influencers Apps, not ads mass culture disappearing 20

21 Attention has become the most limited resource

22 Youth and Adults Live Online

23 Media Selection: What Teens Do Online

24 Moving towards online… Teens spend more time online than watching television –Using the Web to Reach Teens, Tim McHale, iMedia Connection, 2/19/03 More than 55 percent of students would like to look at a site rather than read a brochure –Students typically turn to Web to research colleges, universities, LRP Publications, Enrollment Management Report, 12/1/05 74% of college-bound high school students report researching colleges and universities online –Navigating Toward E-Recruitment: Ten Revelations About Interacting With College-Bound High School Students, Noel-Levitz Study, 2005 72% of teens who visited a college website said they submitted an inquiry form also 70% of parents go online to research colleges –Navigating Toward E-Recruitment: Ten Revelations About Interacting With College-Bound High School Students, Noel-Levitz Study, 2005

25 25 Email is soooooo 2005! 25 Would you consider sending an IM to a college rep through the schools site? Yes 71% Would you consider reading/responding to an IM from a college rep if he or she noted you were online? Yes 82% Would you consider taking a call on your cell from a college representative? Yes 59% Would you consider accepting a text message from a college rep? Yes 49% Source: E-Expectations Survey 2007

26 Old Media Deathwatch: Fact 1 The Internet is now the primary news source for over 50 million Americans. –Pew Internet and American Life Project

27 Old Media Deathwatch: Fact 2 The Internet is now the number one daytime medium and the number two medium in the home for those between 18-50. –Online Publishers Association & Ball State Center for Media and Design, June 2006.

28 Old Media Deathwatch: Fact 3 Only one in four people between 18-34 can name the four major broadcast networks. –Advertising Age report on Burst Media study, May 15, 2006

29 Broadcast Media Web Mobile Email IM Prospect Direct Mail Telemarketing Print

30 Going digital

31 31 half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half John Wanamaker

32 32

33 33

34 34

35 35 Why going digital makes sense Flexible Customizable Measurable Accountable Targetable Fits media used by audiences 35

36 36 What its good for Generating qualified leads Building relationships Ongoing measurement Driving enrollment in both undergraduate and graduate 36

37 37 What its not so good for Immediately building brand recognition –OK...without a sufficient budget Changing/building brand perception Highly local communication...though this is changing. 37

38 38 What its not 38

39 39 Online marketing models CPM: paying for eyeballs –Less expensive –Provides branding opportunities –banners / RichMedia CPC/CPL: paying for direct results –More expensive –...but you only pay when you get a response Search –CPC model, but more flexible friendly –Inserts into the buying decision process 39

40 40 Sponsored or paid link (1-10% CTR) Traditional or natural search results (90-99% CTR)

41 41 The Process 41 Development, Acquisition & Retention Lifecycle Build Retain Loyalty and cross sell Retention Program Micro-site Landing Pages SEM/SEO Email List Rental Online Media Capture Drive Leads Convert Admissions

42 42 Recruitment ecosystem Generating leads –Traditional methods –Online, direct response Fulfillment Relationship building –Admissions counsellors –Email contact Enrollment Retention 42

43 Your Web Site is your most important communications vehicle. Period. Your site is your brand

44 44 The Paradigm Shift : Accountability Real ROI numbers on campaign Real measurement of: –Exposure –Response –Actions Direct Post exposure –Ongoing contact –Yield* 44

45 45 Difficulties in implementation Budgeting and priorities Enrollment management process –Especially true on graduate recruitment –Exposes weaknesses in existing systems Internal resistance to change New procedures/training Lack of faculty/staff awareness that the campaign is even going on –Wheres all the money going? I havent seen an ad yet! 45

46 In Practice: A Brief Case Study UMBC

47 47 UMBC Midsize public university located outside of Baltimore, MD Founded 1967 History of being a commuter school Backup school Rebranded as An Honors University in Maryland in 2002 Strong reputation for science, math, engineering 47

48 48 Situation Lack of awareness/mistaken awareness in targets Disconnect between internal and external views Increasing pressure from flagship school (UMCP) and recent offerings Desire to drive overall undergraduate enrollment Need to drive transfer enrollment Need to build professional graduate program enrollment 48

49 49 Objectives Increase qualified undergraduate and graduate leads Increase applications Expand brand perception for arts, humanities, and social sciences Influence perception amongst targets and their influencers Increase awareness amongst targets and influencers 49

50 50 Strategy Go where the prospects (and their parents) are: online! Combine various approaches, test, and refine based on response. Bolster local recruitment/awareness with radio and some print (newspapers) Drive response, establish relationship, and guide decision making process Continually test, report, analyze and refine 50

51 51 Elements Banners Cost-Per-Lead programs Paid Search listings Landing pages for branding and lead capture Ongoing email contact Personal contact from Admissions counselors Expand online experiential opportunities 51

52 52 1234 1. Prospect clicks banner ad. 2. Prospect goes to landing page and fills out form. 3. Prospect data goes into Publicaster database. 4. Prospect receives email generated from Publicaster. 5. Prospect clicks on link in email and applies to UMBC.

53 53 Where? Student Oriented Sites –Princeton Review –College Bound Network News/Information –US News & World Report –Baltimore Sun 53

54 54 Media Plan Plan includes: –57 million impressions –15-20K projected clicks –9-11K projected leads Campaign projected to run from October-September 07 54

55 55

56 56 Targeted Calls to Action Each campaign direction can accommodate specific CTAs – important to encourage clicks Examples: –Be Click here to learn how to be ____ at UMBC. Be smart! Fill out a short form to receive information on our Scholars Programs! –Discover Discover UMBCs campus on Summer Preview Days Click here to discover transfer opportunities at UMBC. Discover why UMBC is a USA Today HOT school. –Go Go! Fill out an application online. Go to an open house. Go to an online chat to learn more. Direct calls to action work the best: Apply Download 56

57 57 Results To date (10/2006-1/1/2007), generated 902 qualified leads to undergraduate admissions office. Generated hundreds of actions not counted in lead total Followup confirms leads are highly qualified, with most having GPAs and SATs on-par or higher than typical applicants Yield (leads/enrollments) estimated at 10% of leads. Delivered 35% of undergraduate campaign goals with only 22% of the total media budget (approximately $180,000) 57

58 58 Lessons/Observations Cost-per-lead best performer. Search marketing had synergistic effect. Non-traditional/degree complete-ers very responsive. Transfer students very responsive. Calls to action vital, must be the lead. Lead management vital. 58

59 59 Recruitment 3.0 Things have changed. Drastically. New technology, new mindset. Show, dont tell. Information Access Accountability Authenticity Experience Individuals not audiences 59

60 Lets talk!

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