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 Jurisdiction- court and police agencies authority to process a case.

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2  Jurisdiction- court and police agencies authority to process a case

3  All Law enforcement agencies are under the Executive Branch of city, county, state or federal government.  Department of Justice (DOJ): Enforces Federal Law and oversees all federal law enforcement agencies except the CIA and Secret Service. › The Attorney General is the head of the DOJ & part of the President’s cabinet

4  Purpose of federal agencies: each has specialized skills which can help to enforce laws. › Ex: the DEA (drug enforcement administration) has agents specialized in preventing drug trafficking.

5 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):  Jurisdiction: Federal  Function : investigates all federal crimes in the US › Examples : crimes crossing state lines, investigating terrorist threats within the US › 51I 51I

6  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): › Jurisdiction: Federal › Function: responsible for the USA’s national security. Investigates international threats. › Ex: gets information on terrorists in other countries

7  Secret Service : › Jurisdiction: Federal › Function: Protects the Pres. & VP. Investigates $$ counterfeiting. › Ex: president’s security guards

8  State Bureau of Investigation (SBI): › Jurisdiction: State › Function: Assists local law enforcement in large criminal investigations. › Ex: investigating a string of bank robberies across the state or computer crimes against children.

9  State Troopers: › Jurisdiction : State › Function : Enforce traffic laws on state highways. › Ex : monitor speed on roads like I-85, or Route 1

10 County Jurisdiction :  Sheriff : › Jurisdiction: County › Function: enforces laws in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county. › Ex: Sheriff is responsible for courthouse security

11 City/Town Jurisdiction  Police : › Jurisdiction: City/Town › Function: enforces city & ordinances › Ex: make an arrest following robbery

12  Magistrate : In criminal cases determines if further action is warranted when a police officer or a citizen claims that a crime has been committed.  National Guard : reserve militaries in each state that are called to federal service. Can serve in the US or abroad.

13  On your own Complete the Back of the guided notes.

14 LAW ENFORCEMENT THEATER!!  In a group of 3-4 you will plan out a law enforcement scenario.  You will then act out the scenario in front of the class  You will have 10 min to plan how to act out your enforcement scenarios.  Your act will last 30 seconds long  If the class correctly guesses which law enforcement agency will be called in to deal with your scenario you will be rewarded.

15  Describe a scenario where each of the following would have jurisdiction 1. FBI 2. State Police 3. Secret Service 4. CIA


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