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CRM Technology.

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1 CRM Technology

2 What is CRM Technology ? CRM Technology is a set of tools Used to: -Gather -Communicate -Organise -Keep Track of -Analyse -Automate Database technology Analysis and Data Mining technology Programming – automation of business processes Digital channels/networks

3 CRM Technology is a tool Technology is of less importance than CRM strategy Technology is of less importance than CRM processes Technology is of less importance than people and organisation Investment in CRM tools should only be done if it is profitable

4 Potential benefits Return on investment should be measured against CRM processes, but CRM technology can by itself provide benefits; Volume / capacity Presence in electronic channels Leverage of previous investments (Data Warehousing, Websites etc.) Efficiency Less manual work Process efficiency Corporate ”memory” Triggers and automation

5 Challenges CRM technology must support a CRM strategy CRM technology must support CRM processes Organisation development and training Project cost Maintenance and operations cost Evaluation of effectiveness and R.O.I

6 Success Technology implemented according to CRM strategy Implement according to priorities Design for multiple channels, multiple processes Test in small scale Involve and develop customer focused organisation Involve IT department Leverage existing investments - integrate Recipe for success Pitfalls Guerrilla development (”IT never delivers anyway”) Throw away what you have; start from scratch Focus on technology, forget strategy and processes Design from scratch, ignore experience Automate one channel first, then assess requirements for cross-channel integration

7 CRM Technology offered Consulting and custom design Standard CRM software and databases ASP services (Application Service Provider) Outsourcing (Business Service Provider)

8 CRM applications Campaign Management Customer Process Automation Customer Service and Support Automation (and Call Centre Automation) Contact Management (Sales Force Automation) aCRM / Data Mining (and Analytical Marketing Data Store) Customer self service (e.Commerce) Marketing databases (Operational Marketing Data Store)

9 Example: Auto Inc. Marketing Sales Financing Insurance Service Supplies Customer Care

10 The Customer Seek information Test and compare Finance Insure Get new car Use car Confirm choice Cover new needs Maintain Avoid trouble Complain Buy new car

11 Customer Touch-points

12 Information in CRM Processes
Buy First Service Receive info New needs supplies Seek Get car Tech. Malfunct. New car ? Events for each customer Customer relation Customer identifier Info on requirements Info on sales possibilities Info on service Info on campaigns and information Info on car Info on complaints and events Info on customer and customer relation Activities and documents Info on our organisation (employees and divisions) Scoring and categories Info on processes Information

13 Events for each customer
CRM Processes Buy First Service Receive info New needs supplies Seek Get car Tech. Malfunct. New car ? Events for each customer Customer relation Sales process Delivery process Service process Customer Care process Re-purchase process Our processes

14 Integration “Back-office”

15 Integration “Front-office”

16 Applications

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