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3 Design by Kim Beob Sooi S i n g e r S o n g Music Video

4 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 EMINEM ♦ Basic information * born - October 17. 1974 in around slum area East side of Detroit. * who raised?- by his unwed mother. * real name - Marshall Bruce Mathers III ♦ Eminem's life * gloomy school life - bullied and abused * released debut album "Infinite" - completely failed * working with Dr.Dre - achived success and popularity

5 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 EMINEM ♦ Eminem's album * debut album - "Infinite" * first album - "Slim Shady" * second album - "Marshall Mathers LP" * 2.5 album - "Unreleased V" * third album - "The Eminem Show" * fourth album - "Encore" ♦ Eminem's most famous songs * 'lose yourself' - about his life * 'stan' - sad story of one of his fans * 'cleaning out my closet' - apology for his mother * 'without me' - a lot of dissing and fun rapping * 'sing for the moment' - expresses his emotions before he was about to go to jail

6 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 STAN The song has very sad story. There was one guy named Stan who loved Eminem. He was a mad fan. So he sent lots of mail to Eminem but he didn’t get any response. He was frustrate and determined to blow his top. He had driven a car as 140km/h on the drunk and he was fall in the river. In the trunk, there was his girlfriend who had pregnant. In the running car, he was recording last massage with a cassette that curse Eminem.

7 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 STAN In the song of woman part, Dido has featuring. It’s the part of the ‘Thank You’ that was Dido’s song. It’s very sweet melody and added sensation. It made very attractive harmony with Eminem’s rap. It’s Eminem’s 2 nd album The Marshall Mathers LP. Because of the song, Eminem became most popular singer in the world. Also this album had record The Guinness Book of Records. Eminem was conquering rap part in the Grammy Award with this song. In the Grammy Award, Eminem sang this song with Elton John who was very popular English singer. It was compared with original song. Both songs had different impression each other.

8 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 Music Video ♦ Form * Fiction * The lyrics are brought by the text of letters and it's music video's story. * 3parts are Stan's letter 1part is Eminem's letter * Acting the role 'Stan', hero raps the music. * Featuring Dido. A woman's voice in the 「 stan 」 is brought from a song called 「 Thank you 」 by Dido ♦ Casting * Eminem -Stan * Dido - Stan‘s girlfriend

9 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 Music Video ♦ Story * Stan had sent fan letters to Eminem almost everyday. One day his girlfriend entered a basement where Stan had decorated with Emiem's pictures. She knew the fact that Stan likes the singer, Eminem, madly and was surprised. Time went but there was no answer from Eminem. He got so mad and drunk. To our surprise he put his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk. Driving, he recorded a tape for Eminem instead of writing a letter. Suddenly the car fell from a bridge and the couple died. After that, Eminem watched the news about a couple suicide and wrote a letter to Stan. In his reply he said "Come to think about, his name was.. it was you". It means he noticed they are Stan's couple.

10 Design by Kim Beob Sooi 특 징특 징 Music Video ♦ News There was an actual murder case copying the music video 'stan' in 2005. At that time, the murderer who was a crazy fan of Eminem had same hair style and tatoo just like Eminem. ♦ URL

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