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Michael Jordan By: Kyle Trousil Ideas by Johnny.R.

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1 Michael Jordan By: Kyle Trousil Ideas by Johnny.R

2 Background Information  Born February 17 th 1963 in Brooklyn, New York  Parents- James and Delores, 2 brothers and sisters  Went to Emsley.A. High School and North Carolina University  Retired Pro basketball player and owner oof Bobcats  Kids- Marcus and Jeffery James Jordan  Married- Juanita Vandy, September 1990 in Las Vegas Nevada

3 ACHIEVMENTS  Won Six National Championships  Won MVP award 5 times in a row  Has Won over 100 awards in his life time  Selected to B-ball hall of fame  Awed millions  Speed, dunks, layups, Artistry in mid air  Made Collage Varsity team as Freshman  Made it to Hall of Fame

4 Collage Years  Michael was accepted to North Carolina  D1 scholar ship  Full ride on basketball  He was on varsity team 1 st year(rarely happens)  Avg. 28.5 points a game, 5.6 assists, 2.3 steals, and 1.2 blocked shots a game  Won against George Town university  15 foot corner jumper to win the game  Went on to Pro his Junior year  Gave coach Smith his first Title

5 Basketball  MJ never had a Bad game in his life  2 nd in history to tally 3,000 points  1 st in history to record 200 steals and 100 blocked shots  He always Avg. 20- 45 points a game  He is a Role Model to most kids  He is the King of basketball because of his amazing will to love the game and play the game of basketball

6 Bibliography  Slide one:  Slide two:  Slide three:  Slide four:  Slide Five:  Slide Six:

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