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Iroquoi Tribe By: Lauren & Emily.

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1 Iroquoi Tribe By: Lauren & Emily

2 History First settled in the north-eastern part of North America around 100 A.D. Homeland: upstate New York between the Adirondack Mountains and Niagara Falls They then expanded through conquest and migration and gained control of most of the northeastern United States/eastern Canada During the American Revolution they were forced back into their original land They fought along with the British in the war with France

3 Culture: Housing Lived in longhouses: large wood-frame building covered with sheets of elm bark Open space was left at the top of the house to allow smoke out when they were cooking Their beds were covered in skins and furs They had to stay in one place because they relied on agriculture Longhouses were long enough to hold people The women were in charge of raising the children and harvesting the crops

4 Culture: Dress Clothes were made from deerskin
The women wore skirts and moccasins Men wore breechcloths with long leggings They wore snowshoes in ritual dancing They liked jewelry and make up Tattoos covered most of their bodies

5 Culture Languages-The languages were named after the individual tribes
Mohawk Seneca Oneida Onondaga Cayuga Tuscarora Games and Activities ~ known for mask carving ~Beadwork ~Lacrosse Music ~played the drums and flutes ~drums were often filled with water

6 Culture Dance ~Earth Songs ~Stomp ~Side-Step Shuffle ~Fish
(Iroquois) Confederacy Stomp Dance Part 2

7 Culture: Customs Held six big festivals a year that lasted several days New Year Festival Maple Festival Corn Planting Festival Strawberry Festival Green Corn Festival Harvest Festival Water drum and cow horn rattle

8 Food Men hunted deer and other animals
First to practice “slash and burn” farming Favorite food was corn cakes

9 Habitat Lived in Eastern part of the U.S. (now New York State)
Land was covered with forests Land was so thick that the sunlight barley reached it Very diverse land; snow covered mountains in North and hot, swampy land in the South

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