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Make-N-Take A Wiki Jenifer Marquis and Shawna Andrews.

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1 Make-N-Take A Wiki Jenifer Marquis and Shawna Andrews

2 Sign up for a Wiki PBwiki –Safe, secure, collaboration –Business, education, personal Go to and click “create a wiki”. Give your wiki a unique name and select “for education”. Click “Create my Wiki”

3 Email Confirmation You will complete an online form. Be sure to use the email address that you will use to interact with your wiki. Choose a password and don’t forget it. In a few minutes we will check our email to confirm and begin to design our wiki.

4 What is a Wiki? A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable invited users to contribute or modify content based on the permission level they are granted. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites.

5 Educational Wiki Examples ECPSMath Book Buddy Reviews Green Scribes 8 VIP Poets

6 The Edgecombe Wiki Workshop Wiki Go to This wiki is not protected so anybody can view it, but only invited users can edit and contribute.

7 So let’s get started making a

8 Step 1: Front Page Editing Login to your wiki at Sign in with username and password Choose your wiki Click “Edit Page” at the top of your wiki. Type the text you want to appear on the page and click “Save”

9 Step 2: Design New Page Click “Create a Page” from the right navigation bar of your wiki Type “Meeting Minutes” into the page title to name your new page and click “Create New Page” **You must type something on your new page or upload something in order for the page to be created. Type “Meeting Minutes from staff meetings will be provided monthly on this page.”

10 Uploading Files on your New Page Select “Images and Files” found on the right side bar. Browse for the file named “Meeting Minutes” located in the “My Documents” folder. Click open. A link to the file will appear on the side navigation bar of your new page. Place your curser where you would like your link to be located on the page then click the link to insert it into the page. Don’t forget to Click “SAVE”

11 Step 3: Link Pages to Front Page Return to your wiki’s front page and click “Edit” Place your curser below the text on your front page and type “Meeting Minutes” Select the text and click the “Insert a link to a new page” on the right navigation pane. Choose “Link to wiki page” and locate “Meeting Minutes” Once you click “Ok” and “Save,” you’ll see that your front page now links to your Meeting Minutes page.

12 Step 4: Clear Directions To make sure everyone understands how to engage with this new online resource, it is important that you post clear directions on the front page.

13 Step 5: Monitoring Every edit is tracked so you know who is editing your page. Edit notifications are sent to your email To set your notification setting: 1. Click on the “account” link at the top right of your screen. 2. Click on the “Home” tab and then set your settings in “Preferences”.

14 Step 5: Monitoring PBwiki identifies everyone that edits your page. As administrator, you can undo any action anyone else performs on your wiki. Check the page history by clicking page history on the top of your wiki page.

15 Step 6: Inserting Images Insert pictures from clip art or your own files by clicking insert image on your side bar. Browse to find the image you would like to insert. Click open to have the image placed on your side bar. Click the image on the side bar to insert it on your page.

16 Step 7: Invite Others To Join Click “settings” link on the top right hand side of the page. For students: Click on the link “Create accounts for your students” Simply enter in the name and number of students who need accounts and PBwiki will automatically generate them for you. For Users with Email: Click on the link “User Settings” on the right navigation pane. Invite anyone by entering their email address and setting their permission level.

17 Permission Levels Administrators As an Administrator, you can rename or delete anything on the wiki. Administrators can add users, change their permission levels or remove them. Admins alone have access to the wiki's Settings page and are also the only ones who can change page and folder level security settings. Admins are the only ones who can see Hidden pages or edit Locked pages. Editors Editors are trusted helpers who are highly privileged Writers. They can rename or delete pages, files and folders. Editors should be highly trusted, since they can delete your data irrevocably. Writers The recommended default for invited users. Writers can edit pages and revert pages to previous versions. They can also upload new files and create new pages. Writers cannot perform any action that cannot be undone. Readers Readers cannot make any modifications at all to a wiki. They can view pages, RSS feeds, and files. They can also see the history of changes that have been made to a page. Page Level Only A role unique to PBwiki 2.0, these users have no special access to any part of the wiki until they are explicitly given access to a page or a folder with the Custom Security setting. This feature allows you to give individual users up to Editor level permissions on a single page (or group of pages in a folder) without giving them access to any other part of the wiki.

18 Change the Background Color Click the “Settings” link. Choose “Colors” Experiment with your colors and choose your favorite one

19 Welcome to the World of Web 2.0 Developing a Wiki has made you part of a global network that uses the Internet to collaborate, create, and accomplish work. Welcome to Web 2.0 and just one of the innovative tools available today! Today’s workshop was just the beginning. Take time to explore and look for creative ways to use a Wiki in your work. Remember, we are here to help you. Please contact us anytime. or

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