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| Maritime Protection | | C.P.I |. | Background | M any of the shipping lanes from: The Far East Europe pass through the Gulf of Aden and close to the.

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1 | Maritime Protection | | C.P.I |

2 | Background | M any of the shipping lanes from: The Far East Europe pass through the Gulf of Aden and close to the Horn of Africa & other Danger Zones around the world. | C.P.I |

3 | Maritime Protection | O ver recent years and primarily in Somalia, internal problems have resulted in the growth of piracy and the number of attacks on ships sailing along those shipping lanes. U sually, after staging such attacks, the pirates seize control of a ship and begin negotiations for the release of the ship, its cargo and crew in lieu of ransom. | C.P.I |

4 | Background | R ecently, states and firms around the globe have made considerable efforts to curb piracy in the region, but with little success. T he proposed ideas and concepts can be implemented by C.P.I at any Maritime asset, ranging from Harbors & Ships to Oil / Gas rigs, Etc. | C.P.I |

5 | The Threat | T his map shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center during 2008. L ive piracy map 2009 | If exact coordinates are not provided estimated positions are shown based on information provided | | C.P.I |

6 T he nature of the threat: 5 to 10 pirates arrive in fast boats Usually, the pirates use more than one boat. | The Threat | | C.P.I |

7 | The Threat | T he nature of the threat: The pirates are usually armed with Different types of rifles: > Grenade launchers > Hand guns > RPG type anti-tank weapons | C.P.I |

8 | The Threat | O ther means at pirates disposal: >Radio communications >Night vision equipment >Ladders, grappling hooks, climbing | C.P.I |

9 M ost ships are attacked from the sides and not from the bow or stern. Usually, the stern of a ship is a visibility dead spot, which allows an undetected approach close to the ship. The pirate boats come alongside the victim and use ladders climb onto the ships deck or they threaten the crew and stop the ship. | The Threat | Direction of Attack | C.P.I |

10 | The Proposed Solutions | S everal solution familiars are available: > Technological protection solutions for the ship / harbor / rig. > A solution based on accompanying vessels. > A solution based on response teams quartered on the ships / rigs. | C.P.I |

11 | The Proposed Solutions | > Effective implementation of the various security solutions requires skilled operators and security personnel, combined with the proper equipment & technology. > To operate the various solutions synergistically, a control center should be established to coordinate ship movements, deal with developing threats and match the solution to the need. > Tools and systems are accompanied by procedures and guidelines for solution implementation; monitoring and control for the training of the teams and voyage routine. > Naturally, it shall be possible to combine several different solutions or to select a specific solution. | C.P.I |

12 | The Technological Solution| > The threat is dealt with by a few security rings / circles: > Threat detection circle -based on means of detection. Naval radars for short range. | C.P.I |

13 | The Technological Solution| > Optics: Day / night optical instruments, used to detect the threat at a range of at least one kilometer from the ship. | C.P.I |

14 R esponse circle : T he means used to deal with the detected threat can be neutralizing non-lethal tools, such as: > Acoustic cannons. > Powerful Searchlights. > Gas discharge weapon | Response Solution| | C.P.I |

15 | Defend Weapon Solution | D efense W eapons: T he means used to deal with the detected threat as the last option: > Different types of rifles. > Hand guns. | C.P.I |

16 | Security Personnel & Operators | S ecurity Teams: > Establishment of the infrastructures required for the training of security teams and operators for the proposed means. > Security team and operator training and readiness for security missions as required at any port around the world. > Provision of C.P.I s well trained security teams - ready for every mission worldwide. | C.P.I |

17 | Other Maritime Related Threats| T his document deals mainly with the threat of piracy, but you should bare in mind that there are many other maritime related threats such as: > Threats to sea side infrastructure facilities. > Threats to sea side / water front resorts & hotels. And more….. C.P.I has a vast experience with both on land security projects & maritime security projects, as well as consulting and training of various world wide Governmental & Private sector clients. This proven experience is one of the things that makes C.P.I the right partner for every security related project. | C.P.I |

18 | C.P.Is Experiences| C.P.I has worldwide experience in the fields of Security Consulting Security Training & Security implementation for Land, Air & Maritime Projects. | C.P.I |

19 C.P.I s vast experience in Security Consulting for a variety of projects [Civil, Police, Military Etc…], its vast experience in Training of security personnel, its experience and accessibility to the most up to date technology, places the company as a favorable candidate for any Maritime and / or any other security project. A ll of C.P.I s staff are experienced high ranking officers and operatives (Ret.) of the IDF Special forces, Navy & other Israeli Security agencies, with a priceless experience in protecting Land, Air & Maritime facilities & infrastructures. C.P.I s Equipment provision division is a world wide provider of Maritime Equipment, ranging from diving equipment to fast interception speed boats and under water radars. | C.P.Is Experiences| | C.P.I |


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