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Putnam County Junior High

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1 Putnam County Junior High
Susan B. Anthony By:Taylor Hartman 8th grade Putnam County Junior High McNabb, Illinois 61335 March 2006

2 Birth born in Adams, Massachusetts on February 15, 1820
was the second of eight children

3 Early Life raised with Quaker discipline and austerity
believed in generosity and charity believed in peace, temperance and justice family moved to Battenville, New York in 1826 when Susan was 6 years old

4 Childhood attended a Quaker boarding school, in Philadelphia
lived on her father's cotton farm loved to paint and draw was independent

5 Education education began in the small district schools in New York
at 15 she began to teach in one of the schools the age of 17, Susan went to "Deborah Moulson's Friends Seminary," a respected private school in Philadelphia

6 Struggles a teacher refused to teach Susan long division
she was not allowed to speak at temperance rallies couldn’t vote because she was a woman

7 Adult Life a liberal Quaker and dedicated radical reformer
opposed the use of liquor and advocated the immediate end of slavery took part in the temperance movement worked for the American Anti-Slavery Society organized meetings and frequently gave lectures during the American Civil War, she founded the Women's Loyal League (it fight for emancipation of the slaves) she protested violence inflicted on blacks and urged full participation of blacks in the woman suffrage movement

8 Accomplishments organized women all over the state to campaign for legal reforms delivered speeches founded the Women's Loyal League organized the National Woman Suffrage Association was honored with the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin

9 Accomplishments (continued)
in the late 1860s, Anthony began publication of a newspaper entitled The Revolution worked more than 50 years for women to have the right to vote in the United States become headmistress of the Female Department at the Canajoharie Academy

10 Nevermore If Susan B. Anthony never existed life would be somewhat hard for women. I wouldn’t be able to vote even if I was eighteen, because men wouldn’t allow it. Women would be expected to stay at home and cook, clean and have a meal on the table when the men got home. Even if Susan didn’t exist there are still other great women’s right activists. But without Susan would others have joined? I think yes, because every woman has her own opinion.

11 Important Events 1826- moved with family to a large brick house in Battenville, New York 1837- enrolled in Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia 1839- the family moved to Hardscrabble (later called Center Falls), New York 1845, this time to a small farm in Gates, west of Rochester, New York 1846- taught at Canajoharie Academy

12 Important Events continued…
1848- joined the Daughters of Temperance 1850s- became increasingly interested in women's rights early 1850s- she met Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Seneca Falls 1854- began to organize petition drives for women's rights 1856 until the Civil War- she was the principal New York agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society

13 Important Events Continued…
1869- Anthony and Stanton formed the National Woman Suffrage Association 1872- Anthony decided to test the constitutionality of the ban on women's suffrage 1873- she was arrested and tried in the U.S. District Court located in Canandaigua, New York late 1870s- Anthony, along with Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage, began to undertake the difficult task of writing the massive History of Woman Suffrage

14 Important Events Continued…
1888- Anthony officially extended her scope from a national to a worldwide concern for women's rights when she founded the International Council of Women 1906-attended a women's suffrage convention in Baltimore in February

15 Death died in Rochester in March of 1906 of heart failure at her home
grave site- Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York

16 Definitions Austerity- severity or plainness
Important Words Austerity- severity or plainness Temperance- restraint from alcohol

17 Bibliography

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