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Solar System Cody Vanbenthuysen

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1 Solar System Cody Vanbenthuysen
The Sun is a star and it is in the middle of the Solar System. The Solar System has one dwarf planet.

2 The Sun The Sun is in the middle of our Solar System.
The Sun is a star.

3 Mercury Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
It is also the coldest planet. Mercury is about the size of the Earth’s moon.

4 Venus Venus is the second planet from the sun .
Venus is the warmest planet too.

5 Earth The Earth is 75% percent water. All people live on Earth.

6 Mars Mars is the fourth planet.
People made robots that they put on Mars for them.

7 Asteroid belt The Asteroid Belt has rocks on it .
It goes around Jupiter and Mars.

8 Jupiter Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.
Jupiter is our biggest planet.

9 Saturn Saturn is the second biggest planet. It has rings around it .

10 Uranus Uranus is the seventh outer planet.
It is the sixth planet from the Sun.

11 Neptune Neptune is the fourth outer planet.
It is the seventh planet from the Sun.

12 Pluto Pluto is the only dwarf planet in our solar system.
It is not a planet.

13 Comet A comet is as cold as a ice cube.
Comets sometime come close to the Sun.

14 Stars The Sun is a star. Stars are throughout the universe.

15 Galaxy Our name for our galaxy is the Milky Way.

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