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The Solar System by Skyler Callear

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1 The Solar System by Skyler Callear
Our Solar System has eight plants and dwarf planet called Pluto. It has eight planet.

2 The Sun The Sun is our star. The Sun is a medium sized star.

3 Mercury Mercury is the 1st planet from the sun.
It take 180 days to go around.

4 Venus It is the 2nd planets for the sun.
Venus is the 2nd hottest planet.

5 Earth You can live on it. Earth is the 3rd planet.

6 Mars Mars is the 4th planet. Mars is the red planet.

7 Asteroid Belt The Asteroid Belt got a lot of rocks.
It has rocks that go around.

8 Jupiter Jupiter is the 4th planet.
Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.

9 Saturn Saturn has at least 31 moons.
Saturn’s rings are made of ice, dust, and rocks.

10 Uranus Uranus is the 6th planet from the sun. Uranus has rings.

11 Neptune Neptune is so far away that it took the probe Voyager 212 year to reach it. Neptune is a sea blue color due to the methane gas its atmosphere.

12 Pluto Pluto is smaller than the Earth’’ moon.
The color of Pluto is reddish brown.

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