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Freshwater Pollution Chapter 3 Section 3.

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1 Freshwater Pollution Chapter 3 Section 3

2 What is pollution? Water pollution is the addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or the living things that depend on the water.

3 Point Source- pollution that can be traced back to one specific source
Non-point Source- pollution that cannot be traced to one source, from a large area

4 Pollutant – substance that causes pollution
Pesticides – chemicals used to kill insects

5 Turbidity Turbidity – the cloudiness or amount of sediment in water

6 Human Waste Sewage water and runoff with animal waste can cause diseases such as E. coli & cholera

7 Industrial Waste Acid Rain- rain containing sulfuric acid, caused by burning fossil fuels Heat Pollution- factories can release hot water from machinery into lakes & rivers

8 Chemical Runoff Runoff carries chemicals from roads & farms into rivers & lakes and through storm drains

9 Pollution Solution PREVENT CLEAN UP

10 You Pick Assignment Students will do one of the following options as homework A.) Make a flyer that could be posted or handed out in the community. The flyer should bring attention to what pollution is, how we can stop/prevent it, and why stopping/preventing pollution is important. This can be done on a computer or created by hand. B.) Questions 1-3 in the text book on page 123 C.) Make a 10 question quiz from this section or Chapter 3. You may use multiple choice, true/false, matching, or essay questions. Answers to your quiz must be provided as well.

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