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Card Scanning Solutions ID Reading and Signature Products.

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1 Card Scanning Solutions ID Reading and Signature Products

2 Index SnapShell ScanShell 800 Signishell idScan Application –Features –Quick Set Up Guide Contact Information

3 SnapShell Hardware Specifications

4 Scanner Type: Vertical flatbed, Color Effective Pixels: 2048 x 1536 pixels at 550dpi 100% scaling Maximum Document Size: 3.6 x 2.2 Optical Resolution: 550 dpi Maximum Interpolated Resolution: 600 dpi Capture Speed (color): 1 sec (300 dpi), 2 sec(600dpi). Times includes dynamic image AGC and white balance.

5 SnapShell Hardware Specifications Capture trigger: Auto trigger using document placement auto- detection (based on light change) OR Front panel button press Pixel Depth: 24 bit Interface: USB 1.1 / 2.0 Light Source: White light, Ultra Violet (375nm) Device Dimensions: Height: 7.5 Width: 5.1 Depth: 7 Weight 11.5 oz (330gr)

6 SnapShell Features and Benefits Low maintenanceno mechanical moving parts Significantly Faster Scan/OCR time Easy to integrate into existing systems No need for calibration User friendly Easy to use USB 2 Connection 3 Mega Pixel Camera

7 SnapShell Features and Benefits 6 Pictures Per Second 600 DPI True ColorExcellent Picture Resolution Fast Processing Time (2–3 Seconds) Integrated Authentication Technologies (Optional-ID Mark by Digimarc available on SnapShell FDA model) Reads 1d & 2d Barcodes

8 SnapShell

9 ScanShell 800 High Level Specifications The A6 format scanner is an ultra-compact, external power-free sheet-fed CIS (contact image sensor) 36-bit color, 12-bit grayscale or 1-bit black & white scanner system which is able to scan a variety of small format media into an appropriately configured personal computer. The maximum optical resolution is 600 dpi (dots per inch) standard but 300 dpi is the recommended configuration. The scanner driver allows it to connect to any Windows-98SE, 2000, Millennium Edition, Windows XP compatible system that has USB port. Externally, the scanner system consists of the following components: Ultra-compact main scanner housing or "engine" with detachable USB cable TWAIN acquisition and device driver software Application software for image management, OCR and faxing where applicable

10 ScanShell 800

11 Scanning Method: The scanner provides a single-sheet feed mechanism for scanning items that are fed in through the rear load slot. The item is inserted where it makes contact with a rubber roller / plate in which friction-feeds the item through the scanner Scanning Area The active scan area for the scanner is as follows: 4.2" maximum scan width 7.0" maximum scan length Paper Thickness Maximum thickness: 0.5 mm Minimum thickness: 0.1 mm Scan Media / Materials The scanner is able to scan typical media such as: Photo Receipts ID cards Business Card (including large format business card) Various Industrial Scanning Applications No media with raised / differential printing can be scanned, such as credit cards SigniShell Hardware Specifications

12 Scanner Specifications Interface: USB no external power required Optical Resolution: Up to 900 dpi Sampling rate: Up to 400 samples/second Positioning aid: LCD Display Drivers: Microsoft Win 98 SE, Win ME, Win NT4 (SP3 onwards), Win 2000, Win XP Data transmission: Open protocol with check sum Dimensions – L x W x H: 5.9 x 6.69 x 0.79 – Weight: 11.5 oz

13 SigniShell Features and Benefits Backlit LCD Display Conforms with e-Sign legislation Captures signatures and saves them in any format (jpeg, tif etc.) Scaleable solution that will allow itself to grow as requirements change Ability to sign online web pages Advanced solution for collecting signatures and authenticating identity, approaching signatures as unique personal identifiers Saves the signature as an image and\or vector file Authenticates a user based on biometric signature parameters Enrolls new users into a signature database

14 SigniShell Features and Benefits- Cont Compares captured signatures to pre-enrolled signatures and determine if both signatures match Displays form images on the LCD tablet and captures the user selection on the form The pad can be integrated as a simple signature capture device and later converted to have additional functionality at no extra cost

15 idScan Application idScan is an easy-to-use modular application, capable of scanning a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, passports, visit cards etc., as well as checks and photos. idScan is capable of reading the cards' printed information from both sides, as well as barcodes and magnetic strips. It extracts the document's image and text data arranged in appropriate text fields into a file or the clipboard. The extracted image and data can be saved to a file or exported to any other application, email, FTP and the web. Document types idScan is capable of scanning and extracting data from the following documents (also available as document-specific single modules): –Driver license (Full text extraction) –Driver license barcode (1D&2D pdf417) –Driver license with magnetic strip –Business card –Checks –Medical card –Passport

16 idScan Application Pre-Scan Screenshot Main Graphic User Interface Data Field Display OCR Data (pops up by depressing OCR A Button)

17 idScan Application Post-Scan Screenshot Main Graphic User Interface Now with ID Image Data Field Display With ID Information Populated, State Auto Detected and Age Calculated

18 idScan Application Information Capture Result Saving Options Full ImageFace Image Signature Image N99999999,N99999999,FRANCESCA A SAMPLEMD,123 ANY ST,ANYTOWN,NE,99999,01-15-02,07-01-07,07-01-70,F,O,, C:\Documents and Settings\End-user\Desktop\idScan Demo\FRANCESCA SAMPLEMD (0).bmp,FRANCESCA,A,SAMPLEMD,,10:10:32 7/03/07,,, BRO,BRO,5-6,135,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NEBRASKA_4,,United States,,,,,,,,,,01-15-2002,07-01-2007,07-01-1970, Comma Delimited Sample Data – Includes folder location, time and day stamp

19 idScan Application Quick Set Up Guide By pressing the Gears button the Scanner Configuration box will appear

20 idScan Application Quick Set Up Guide – Automation Tab The File naming and type button will open an additional window that will allow you to do the following: Choose the format for the saved image Choose the local or network folder where the image will be saved Choose the location where to save documents (Used mainly for larger A4 document scanners)

21 idScan Application Quick Set Up Guide – License text export tab Choosing Extract id data to a file followed by clicking on the floppy disc icon allows you to create a text file that will extract ID data to a comma delimited format in this file. Checking these boxes will allow you to extract and save the following: The Full image The Face image The Signature image

22 idScan Application Quick Set Up Guide – Image tab The most important function on this tab is the calibration button. All CSSN scanners must be calibrated before use. The calibration paper has two black lines (one narrow and one wide) and should be inserted with the lines facing down. This process takes approximately 1-2 minutes.

23 Contact Information Robert Hudson Sr. Sales Engineer Tel. 310-256-2269

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