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Welcome to Maple Grove Ministries Resurrection Sunday 4-12-09.

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1 Welcome to Maple Grove Ministries Resurrection Sunday 4-12-09

2 He is Risen! 4-12-09

3 To set the story straight! Jesus was never married No one has found His bones He was not stolen away by the disciples Over 518 people witnessed and testified that He is alive!

4 Resurrection Sunday! Friday, roughly 3:00 PM, Jesus calls out It is Finished See Ephesians 4:8-11 for what happens next The stone was rolled away Mary M. saw Him for a moment on His initial ascension (Jn 20:17)

5 He continued to instruct

6 Demonstrates Patience John 20:24-29 The disciples share the testimony of the risen Savior Thomas talks dumb (sorry Thomas) It is obvious that the age of grace has begun (reference Aarons sons)

7 Jesus makes breakfast John 21:3-12 The best chef ever made them fish and toast Just a reminder: –Jesus is the best Chef, the best Friend, the best Basketball Player, the best Mechanic, the best Psychiatrist, the best Doctor, the best Financial Manager, the best Shepherd, the best Role Model, the best…..

8 He restored Peter Remember Luke 22:61 Agapao versus Phileo John 21:15-17 –Do you Agapao?Yes, I Phileo –Do you Phileo?You know I Phileo The arrogance, the pride, the brazenness, has been replaces by humility and honesty Note: Peter used Agapao 4x in his epistle

9 He commissions them Matthew 28:18-20 Mark 16:15-18 Acts 1:8 The Christians marching orders are clear –What? baptize, make disciples, teach, cast out, speak with new tongues, fear nothing, lay hands –Where? Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, ends of the earth

10 He promises them the Power Luke 24:46-49 –You have experienced it, now you will have the power to proclaim it Important enough to repeat Acts 1:4-8 They received it and it changes their lives

11 Conditions of the Power Even the demons believe, and tremble Jesus answers the question – John 12:23- 33 Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies – it remains alone Joshua served Moses, Elisha was know as the one who poured water on Elijahs hands, David served Saul after being anointed

12 What needs to die today? Our dreams of who we want to be Our desire to live for ourselves A look out for number 1 approach to life Our expectations on those around us

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