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Warm Up What is biology?.

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1 Warm Up What is biology?

2 What is it? What is Biology?

3 Is the study of living things
All living things are called organisms

4 Characteristics of Life
Living things are very organized and contain many complex chemical substances

5 Living things are made up of one or more cells
Multicellular- more than 1 cell Unicellular- 1 cell

6 Living things have a definite form and limited size

7 Living things have a limited life span
Gastrotrich (a minute aquatic animal) 3 day life span Giant tortoise 177 year life span

8 Living things evolve or change over long periods of time
Living things evolve or change over long periods of time. This is characteristic of groups of organisms, not of individuals.

9 Life Processes- determine living v. non-living
1. Living things move.

10 2. Living things are able to reproduce.

11 3. Living things are sensitive and respond to changes in the environment.
Does one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch? Ethylene

12 4. Living things need nutrition
Make their food

13 5. Excrete waste. Examples: Sweat, urine, carbon dioxide

14 6. Living things respire (plants and animals use the oxygen in the air to turn food into energy)

15 7. Living things grow and develop.

16 Use the first letter from each process to help you remember them.
Move Reproduce Sensitive Nutrition Excrete Respire Grow They spell MRS. NERG

17 This is MRS NERG ! Can you remember what each of the letters in her name stands for ?

18 Is it alive? Virus

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