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Heritage Lottery Fund UK’s largest funder of heritage Since 1994 HLF has supported more than 33,900 projects, allocating £4.4billion across the UK £205m.

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2 Heritage Lottery Fund UK’s largest funder of heritage Since 1994 HLF has supported more than 33,900 projects, allocating £4.4billion across the UK £205m available for projects this year Regional body with offices across the UK

3 Grant programmes Young Roots Your Heritage Heritage Grants Parks for People Townscape Heritage Initiative Landscape Partnerships Repair Grants for Places of Worship

4 Young Roots London

5 …...involves young people in exploring and celebrating their heritage. Young Roots….

6 To be eligible for funding your project must have a clear heritage focus be for young people aged between 13-25 years be delivered in partnership request between £3,000 and £25,000 last no longer than 18 months

7 Who Can Apply? Public or not-for-profit organisations such as: Community or voluntary groups Local authorities Other public sector organisations Charities Museums and archives Natural heritage bodies All organisations must have a constitution / set of rules and a bank account

8 Pre-application Service Separate from application form Initial project proposal / idea 3 key questions HLF development team provide response / advice Identifying additional support and contacts

9 cultural & local traditions memories and stories countryside parks & gardens maritime, industrial & transport history records, archives & photos historic buildings & museums wildlife sites & habitats What is heritage?

10 to enable young people to lead and take part in creative and engaging activities to create new opportunities for young people to learn about heritage to celebrate young people’s achievements and share learning Young Roots aims..

11 to create new opportunities for young people to volunteer in heritage to gain skills in heritage Young Roots aims..

12 A good Young Roots project will have been designed by young people will be managed by the young people Applications need to include a statement from young people

13 All projects need one or more heritage partners to provide heritage skills, knowledge and experience. Applications need to include a partnership agreement.

14 What we can fund Staff costs Sessional workers Travel Materials Equipment Trips Training Learning materials Publicity Overheads (full cost recovery)

15 What we can’t fund projects without a clear heritage focus young people having heritage ‘done to them’ overseas travel anything considered a statutory duty core work buying a vehicle existing staff work that has already started

16 10 week assessment period Simple application form Light touch assessment and monitoring Grant paid in 3 instalments, 50%, 40% and 10% No minimum match funding Key features

17 Our Green Street Applicant Patico Bakers Fort Partners: LB Newham Heritage Service & Eastside Community heritage Grant award £24,600 (86%) Heritage focus: Green Street market’s changing history, recording the memories of older residents and traders and comparing old photographs of the area with the market today. Participation: Recruited 24 young people from Newham to be trained and and carry out 15 oral histories which were then used to create a performance piece reflecting the rich and diverse heritage of the area. The young people also created an exhibition of archival photographs from the local archives. Learning: The young people’s performance was shown at two community venues and the local archives hosted an exhibition of photographs about the market. The performances were filmed and then copies of the film kept at the local archives and libraries. The young people who took part received a Newham Community Volunteer certificate.

18 Grove Roots Applicant Octavia Foundation Partners: HistoryTalk, Black Cultural Archives Grant award £24,900 Heritage focus: Ladbroke Grove’s recent past, starting with the notorious race riots of 1958. Participation: Recruited eight 16–20-year-olds from Kensington and Chelsea to develop and produce a documentary about the history of Ladbroke Grove. Young people were trained by the Oral History Society to carry out 24 interviews with local residents. Learning: HistoryTalk, a Notting Hill-based history group gave the young people access to its vast archives of written, photographic and audio material. At the Black Cultural Archives, the young participants found out how to use archives, and with help from Mendezmedia, a media social enterprise, they trained in creating storyboards and filming. An award-winning documentary was produced, and gave people across the city the chance to find out more about their shared heritage. The young people hosted question-and answer sessions at the events.

19 Tips for a good application Is your organisation ready to embark on a project? Get advice and read HLF guidance Well-focused heritage theme Demonstrate need, demand and/or opportunity Ensure you have good partnerships with agreements in place where relevant Consider how your project could meet HLF’s Young Roots aims Have a well-developed project plan Consider what risks there could be to your project Think about value for Lottery money Work carefully on your budget… check it adds up!


21 Any questions?

22 Contact us in London Lucy Hares Development Officer London T 0207 591 6174 E W


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