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Identity Theft …It could be you But This Presentation is by me, Michelle Richards.

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1 Identity Theft …It could be you But This Presentation is by me, Michelle Richards

2 Obvious Question What is Identity Theft? Well, Identity theft is when another person (NOT you) uses your personal Identification WITHOUT your permission to commit crimes and fraud. (Fraud means to intentionally mislead, which is why it applies to Identity Theft, more on that later) In what ways do these crooks steal your identity?

3 Your Personal Information Used Against You A Person can steal your Identity simply by using your name. Using your social security number Or your credit/debit card number But Why Use your Identity? They have their own…

4 Why You’re Better Than Them Identity Thieves use yours because YOU pay. Not them. What do they use it for specifically? Details.. Details.. Details.. Hah, this guy.

5 Credit Card Fraud Now with your shiny plastic card in hand (figuratively or literally) they can do all of the following.Open new accounts in your name, and when the bill isn’t payed they appear on your credit report..Out of the box thinkers will even go to the extremes of changing your billing address. Now you aren’t receiving the bills you don’t know you’re identity has been stolen and your Identify Thief will be on a spending spree. *There’s a VERY good chance you won’t even realize this is occurring for quite a long time either.

6 Phone and Utilities Fraud.Obviously people who steal identities have lots of friends, so with your name they could open a new phone or wireless account, (to keep in touch with their loved ones.).They may even just run up charges on your existing account..To top it all off they can get services like heating, electricity and cable... You may not even have cable, and you’ll be paying for someone elses.

7 Bank And Finance Fraud How it’s done:.Creating counterfeit checks in your name or account number..Open a bank account in your name and write bad checks..Copy your ATM or debit card and drain your account electronically..Take out a lone in your name.

8 Government Document Fraud.Obtain a driver’s license or ID card with your name, but their picture..Use your name and social security number for government benefits..Filing a fake tax return in your name to reap your benefits.

9 Other Fraud.Obtaining a job with your social security number.Rent a house/apartment by using your name.Get medical service with your name. And a real kicker….Giving personal information to a police officer during an arrest..If they don’t show up for the court date a warrant for YOUR arrest is issued.

10 How To Monitor Your Identity Security.Check your bank statements each month. (Don’t just tear and toss them, LOOK).Check your credit report regularly. However if you do so there is a fee that must be payed, that can be as high as $9.50 (There is always a free annual credit report guaranteed to you by The Government under the Fair Credit Report Act). Along with the Guaranteed annual report every 12 months, Under federal law, you are also able to obtain a free report if a company denies your application for credit, insurance or employment. (Must be done within 60 days of receiving the notice) The notice will give you

11 Unfortunate Ways of Finding Out Your Identity Was Stolen.When Bill collectors contact you for over due debts..When applying for a mortgage or car loan and are told your credit history is holding up a loan..Receiving mail that informs you of an apartment “you’ve” rented a house “you’ve” bought or a job “you” had.

12 Detecting Theft Look out for:.Unexplainable accounts..Inaccurate information on your credit reports -Accounts and personal information -Your social security number -Addresses -Names and initials -Employers

13 Credit Monitoring Companies.Credit monitoring companies will monitor your credit reports for you and alert you for changes in your account.Price and service will vary..It’s recommended to check the company with a local Better Business Bureau and consumer Agency and State General Attorney to assess the companies legitimacy.

14 How Your Identity Is Stolen.Dumpster Diving- Looking through trash with personal information on it..Skimming-Stealing your credit/debit card number by using a storage device when processing your card..Phishing-Pretending to be a financial company and sending you spam to reveal personal information. Changing Your Addres- Your billing statements will then be sent to another location by filling out a change of address form. Literally Stealing-Wallets, purses, mail, pre-approved credit offers, new checks, and tax information. Pretexting-Needs it’s own slide..

15 Pretexting.Pretexters are people who try to obtain your personal information to sell to other people to get credit in your name..They may even do so to investigate you or sue you..Pretexting is illegal. -It is illegal to try to gain access to someone’s personal information by using false documents to get customer information. If someone calls your house asking personal questions, your name, date of birth or social security number, do not give it out. Even if they try to claim legitimacy.

16 Filing A Police Report.A police report with specific details on the theft is called a Identity Theft Report. (…).By reporting a theft it can permanently block fraudulent information..They can also prevent a company from continuing to collect debts from you due to theft.

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