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Introduction to MDS Leadership Program Details

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1 Introduction to MDS Leadership Program Details
Lisa Rechisky Manager- MDS Leadership Programs Notes level one Notes level two Notes level three Notes level four

2 Introduction ELP vs. PAL Locations Engineering Leadership Program
Product Assurance Leadership Locations Four Locations Greensboro – 3 ELPs Florham Park – 5 ELPs Pittsfield 41 ELPs/ PALs Fair Lakes – 3 ELPs

3 View of the Program Honor to be selected for this program
It is a tremendous personal commitment You are considered to be the future leaders for the business The current program members are thought very highly of

4 How the program works Types of people hired
Work well on teams 3.5 GPA Extra activities while in school Leadership President of Clubs Eagle Scout Good communicators Most are hired straight from college – program is geared towards new hires. Each student is on program for approximately three years

5 How the program works (continued)
During 3 years Cross Functional Rotations 3 – 6 Rotations Expand base of knowledge Rotations in relevant areas of the business Rotations are identified by technical managers in need of help. Rotations can also be defined by a critical skill necessary for a program or the business Program members can seek out rotational opportunities. Clear lists of tasks in rotation plans are defined before the start of the rotation. Carefully measured performance and goals on rotations Performance in a rotation is expected to be at a level higher than peer group. Obtain extra business training and leadership classes Defined Training Plans for each year Example courses Team building Finance for non-financial managers

6 How the program works (continued)
During 3 years (continued) Are briefed on senior level issues QBR Score card Engineering Metrics Asked to participate in committees and teams pulled together by senior management Engineers Week Project Manage Deres Senior Leadership Meeting Obtain a prepaid graduate education Prepaid by semester by LOB Including fees, registration, GRE, tuition, books Given 1.5 hrs per course per week for studying, exams, classes, homework

7 A, B and C Course A Course One semester of highly technical classes
Weekly classes taught by a GD employee related to technology of the business. ELPs broken into teams for the work Classes are the same throughout MDS. Classes are taught in one location and VTCed to other locations Most classes were created in Pittsfield but working towards creating more based on other LOBs. Weekly lecture with homework Final project – high level of difficulty A course dinner upon completion with senior management

8 A, B and C Course B Course Project C Course Project
Helps to improve business (technically or from a leadership perspective) 50 hour project C Course Project 200 hour project Must show a benefit to business Can be an extension of the B Course project Both B and C Course are presented to senior management upon completion of project.

9 How they are measured Grades Rotations GPA 3.5 desired 3.0 required
Plans in Place Mid and Final Evaluations Expectations to be performing and doing tasks above individual contributor level.

10 How they are measured (continued)
Leadership Performance How well they work with a team How well they lead a team Presentation skills Understanding of business needs Community Service/ Activities Give personal time for community service Time given for internal activities

11 Graduation Requirements
Successful and on time completion of: A Course B Course C Course Graduate Degree ELP/PAL program Projects Training 6 Sigma Project Attendance at ELP/PAL events Commitment to community service GPA minimum 3.0 desired 3.5 Working towards gaining leadership qualities Strong commitment to the program Above average performance on rotations

12 Time Charging Education Hours
1.5 hours of chargeable time per class per week. Only when class is in session

13 Schools Distance Learning vs. On Campus Current schools USC Purdue
NC A&T Stevens RPI WNEC GWU VA Tech NVC NJIT Distance Learning vs. On Campus

14 Other Activities Outdoor Team Adventure – Lakeville, CT Lunches
Team Building Experience 1st year ELPs and PALs meet Two day excursion High Ropes Team problem solving Lunches VIP/Program Lunches Program members are often invited to special lunches when customers or other VIPs are in town.

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