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Beyond the theory: Getting started with E-Books AS Applied ICT Excel.

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1 Beyond the theory: Getting started with E-Books AS Applied ICT Excel

2 What have we done so far.... We have been mainly investigating and writing up theory... – Task A – Online Services – Task B – Life in the Information Age – Task C – The Digital Divide We have been using MS Word present our work

3 So what next?

4 ...More from the exam board...

5 Objectives To understand what is meant by “E-book” To evaluate different examples of e-books produced for different purposes: – Creative Writing – Reference Materials – Collaborative projects – For children

6 Marking Criteria Task DTask E Task F By completing today’s class exercise correctly, you will be practicing some of the skills required for the next three tasks. If we include it in your work then it will reinforce any scores I give you.

7 First things first, what is an e-book? Similar to a book, but they are digital and designed to be viewed on screen.

8 Advantages of an E-Book Pages can be read in sequence Pages can also be easily accessed in any order In addition to static text and images, they can also include animations, videos and sound files Multi-sensory/multimedia Distributed electronically, therefore good for the environment

9 Your turn: You need to consider some examples Have a look at the four e-books available on my website: Complete the evaluation form for two e-books – either use the ones I have given you or find one of your own Let’s have a quick look at the criteria...

10 Carrying out an evaluation 1. Content2. Structure3. Accessibility

11 Evaluating information Content 1 Purpose Is the purpose stated or self evident? Has the purpose been fulfilled? Is the E-Book factual or someone’s opinions? Are the referenced sources primary or secondary? Target Audience Is the target audience clearly identified? Does the level of the content reflect the group?

12 Evaluating information Content 2 Scope Does the breadth and depth of coverage in the e-book match the needs of the subject area? Objectivity Is the e-book biased in any way? Is this acknowledged within the book? Are there any conflicts of interest?

13 Evaluating information Content 3 Accuracy Is the content accurate? How have you gone about cross- checking to check that the e-book is error free? Are there any obvious inaccuracies in spelling and/or grammar?

14 Evaluating information Structure Structure and Layout Is the e-book easy to read? Does it have a pleasing look and feel to it? Have any graphics used been optimised so that they load quickly? Are the pages uncluttered and easy to follow? Is there a logical flow from one part of the text the next related part? Are the controls and navigation features in appropriate places? Are there any unnecessary distractions on the pages?

15 Evaluating information Structure 2 Navigation Are the pages properly linked? Are there any broken links Is there an easy to understand hierarchy or logic to the pages? Could the reader become lost within the book? Are any instructions clear and unambiguous? Multimedia Components Which of the following are included in the e-book? Artistic text? Images? Animated Graphics? Sound files? Video Files?

16 Evaluating information Accessibility Accessibility Was the book easy to download? Were there any lengthy registration requirements with user logins and passwords? Were there any costs involved, and if so, were these reasonable? Was the e-book stable or susceptible to crashes or other glitches in its behaviour?

17 Off you go... While you are working, think about which qualities make an effective e-book.

18 An effective E-Book will be...

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