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2 Bonita Unified School District

3 Common Core  State adopted in August of 2010  Gives us flexibility to organize and implement the standards  Instruction is integrated into our classrooms ensuring the highest level of student achievement can take place  We have the ability to research, pilot and purchase the instructional materials

4 States Adopting CCSS

5 Why the CCSS Initiative is driven by states Consistent expectations nationally College and career ready American competitive edge Standards are benchmarked to international standards Fewer standards in greater depth

6 English Language Arts Shifts in Common Core  More instructional time on informational text  Emphasis on reading, writing, and speaking based upon evidence / justification of responses  Writing assignments will focus on  Opinions / Arguments  Informative / Explanatory Texts  Narratives

7 CCSS ELA Standards Build Kinder to 12 th Grade STRAND—Reading for Information

8 Common Core 6 Shifts in Math  Focus: fewer topics covered in greater depth  Coherence: connect learning within and across grades  Fluency: perform mathematics with speed and accuracy  Understanding: use mathematics in complex situations  Application: know when and how applying math can solve a problem  Dual Intensity: achieve fluency and conceptual understanding/application  Example: 9 x 5 = 45……..Explain why the answer is 45 (fluency)(conceptual)

9 8 Mathematical Practices for Grades K-12  8 Mathematical Practices:  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them  Reason abstractly and quantitatively  Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others  Model with mathematics  Use appropriate tools strategically  Attend to precision  Look for and make use of structure  Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning (Within each mathematical practice, there are several standards)

10 Common Math Path in Grades 6-12 Grade Common Core Math Path 6 Math 6 7 Math 7 8 Math 8 9 HS Algebra I 10 Geometry 11 Algebra II 12 Advanced Classes Honors Pre-Calculus Calculus AP Statistics Advanced Math

11 Common Core for the Special Needs Student  Special needs students will continue to participate in assessments as stated in their Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)  Details for testing are still being developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium  Classroom academic and assessment accommodations and modifications will continue to be made through students’ IEPs  Common Core will provide a change in curriculum, but no changes will be made to special education laws

12 CCSS Assessments Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Implemented beginning 2015

13 CCSS Assessments  Students in grades 3-8 and in grade 11 will take the Smarter Balanced Assessments in the areas of:  Math  English  Students will take these assessments online  Questions on these assessments will include:  Selected response  Short answer  Performance task

14 Timeline for CCSS Assessments  2013 – 2014:  The field test for CCSS will be administered in the spring  Students take either math or English  2014 – 2015:  Students in grades 3 - 8 and in grade 11 will take math and English test  These scores will be used as the baseline score for Bonita Unified

15 How are the CCSS being implemented in classrooms?  Using complete sentences  Justifying responses  Using technology  Reading and analyzing informational text  Exploring concepts at a deeper, more complex level

16 What parents can do to help their students  Read more non-fiction text  Encourage your students to answer questions using complete sentences  Have your students justify the answers they give you


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