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What is it? Who is it for? How do I get it? What is available?

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2 What is it? Who is it for? How do I get it? What is available?

3 What is Assistive Technology? Assistive Technology is any device or service that is provided to a student with a disability that will increase their ability to participate in activities.

4 Assistive Technology Device Any item, piece of equipment or product system. There is a continuum of devices, from low tech to high tech.

5 Assistive Technology Service: Evaluate children with disabilities Acquire, adapt, repair and replace equipment Training and assistance for a child with a disability or the childs family Training for other professionals

6 How does the School District of Holmen meet Assistive Technology needs? Assistive Technology Committee Assistive Technology Lending Library Full time Assistive Technology related service provider Yearly attendance at Closing the Gap Ongoing staff training Consideration of AT at every IEP using the Assistive Technology Consideration Quick Wheel

7 Assistive Technology Committee The Assistive Technology committee meets monthly. The committee goal is to increase the use of item in the AT Lending Library and to monitor the need for equipment and training in each building. For more information, contact your building representative: Administration: Rick Johnson, Director of Pupil Services District-wide: Sarah Winn, Occupational Therapist/Assistive Technology Related Services Provider Secretary: Kristy McKnight, FLC/AT secretary Family Learning Center: Marilyn Webster, Early Childhood Teacher, Annette Hundt, Speech and Language Paraeducator Evergreen: Andrea Curtis, Special Education Inclusion Teacher and Elizabeth Murphy, Special Education Teacher Prairie View Elementary: Kevin Prairie, Special Education Inclusion Teacher, Kris Heineck, Speech and Language Pathologist Sand Lake Elementary: Katie Cox, Special Education Inclusion Teacher Viking Elementary: Jill Avoles, Speech and Language Pathologist, Trista Knower, CDS teacher Middle School: Deb VonArx, 8 th grade Special Education Teacher, Erin Hansen, 7 th grade Special Education Teacher High School: Tim Ranis, 9 th -12 th grade Special Education Teacher, Brenda Swoboda, Transition Coordinator Instructional Services: Sandy Richert and Teri Staloh Michelle Pandian: Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Andrea Clark: Student Representative

8 What do you do if you have a student who could benefit from Assistive Technology? email Sarah Winn is the Assistive Technology related service provider- email her at Contact your building rep on the Assistive Technology committee Contact your building school psychologist

9 Assistive Technology Lending Library The Assistive Technology Lending Library is housed at the Family Learning Center. Call 783.9393 for directions. To request equipment or assistance, email You are welcome to visit the Family Learning Center to see what is available and check it out in person. Look at the Assistive Technology Lending Library Wiki. You can search for items, see a picture, and link to the website for more information.Lending Library Wiki

10 Whats new in the Assistive Technology Lending Library 2010-2011 You are encouraged to visit the Lending Library to check out items!!

11 Reading and Writing Kurzweil 3000USB version 12 Comprehensive software for reading, writing, and study skills

12 Reading Explode the Code An online phonics program for grades 1-4. We have a subscription for 3 students. For more information, go to

13 Reading Renewed subscription to News-2 You This is a weekly symbol based newspaper with four levels- Simplified, Regular, Higher and Advanced editions. For more information, go to

14 Reading Colored Overlays See it Right! colored overlays to help students see text more clearly and accurately.

15 Reading Edmark Reading Program Level 1 The Level 1 software version teaches 150 words chosen from the Dolch Word List for first-grade readers, as well as "-s," "-ed," and "-ing" endings, capitalization, and punctuation. Students can click on individual words or whole sentences to hear them read aloud. From the beginning, students find success with a process that teaches sight recognition of a word, introduces its meaning, provides comprehension activities, and uses the word in story context.

16 eJams MP3 Player For use by Read 180 program to listen to audio books

17 Writing Upgraded AlphaSmarts to Neo2 A portable word processing tool

18 Writing-Sensory Z-Vibe Pencil Kit Vibrating pencil attachment to provide additional sensory feedback when writing

19 Writing-Sensory Weighted Pencil Kit Weighted pencil attachment provides additional sensory feedback when writing

20 Writing Upgraded Co:Writer SE to Co:Writer 6 Updated version allows any text on the computer to be read outloud More topic dictionaries Easy set up

21 Writing LiveScribe Smart Pen Record audio as you write! Perfect for note-taking, recording answers for a test, or listening to recorded content. For more ideas see

22 Computer Access Ultra Mini Keyboard 6.70" x 2.88" x 0.59" keyboard for a student with limited range of motion

23 Mini-Keyboard and Tracpad Texting keyboard allows you to text into your computer

24 Computer Access Revolabs XTag Wireless Microphone Wireless mouse used with voice recogonition software

25 Computer Access Chester Mouse One button mouse

26 Computer Access Switch Interface Pro Programmable device to plug switches into for switch access to a computer

27 Switches ChinCheeka Switch can be used by students with head control to access the computer, toys, or communication devices.

28 Switches LocLine AT Kit Used to mount and position switches

29 Sensory Sensory Pasta Set Fidgets in fun textures including fettuccini, spaghetti, and ziggy pasta!

30 Sensory Fidgets (latex free) DNA Squishy BallNeon Solid Ball Bumpy Gel Ball

31 Sensory Oral Motor GrabAroma Lemon, grape, vanilla, and chocolate scented chewies

32 Sensory Oral-Motor Grabber XT Citrus Scented Citrus scented extra tough chewie

33 Sensory Oral Z-Vibe Oral motor, cheek and lip sensory stimulation tool

34 Sensory Hearing Protectors Noise reduction headphones for students with hearing sensitivity

35 Seating and Positioning Disc O Sit Junior 12 inflatable disc works well for students who have a hard time sitting still in their chairs or on the floor.

36 Seating and Positioning Disc O Sit 15 inflatable disc works well for students who have a hard time sitting still in their chairs or on the floor.

37 Seating and Positioning Movin Sit Inflatable wedge that encourages correct seating posture.

38 Seating and Positioning T-Stool Use for positioning or to work on balance skills.

39 Seating and Positioning Teen/Adult Ball Chair and Jr. Ball Chair Combine the benefits of sitting on a ball (sensory integration, balance, postural improvements) with the stability of a chair.

40 Hearing RedCat Amplification Systems Portable classroom amplification system with no installation required! (IEP driven purchase)

41 Hearing LightSpeed Classroom Amplification Systems Classroom amplification systems

42 Hearing LightSpeed Classroom DX6 Portable Presentation System Classroom amplification system for Sand Lake Elementary gymnasium

43 Hearing ( Who to contact if you are having trouble with your soundfield system) SchoolCampus Coordinator or Contact Person Family Learning Center Sarah Winn (LightSpeed Systems) Evergreen Andrea Curtis (LightSpeed Systems); Contact the Help Desk for Pole Vault Systems Prairie View Contact the Help Desk (Pole Vault Systems) Sand Lake Elementary Natasha Pedretti (LightSpeed Systems) Viking Elementary Trista Knower (LightSpeed Systems); Contact the Help Desk for Pole Vault Systems Middle School Michelle Pandian (LightSpeed and LifeLine Systems) High School Michelle Pandian (LightSpeed RedCats)

44 Social Skills Behaviors! Behaviors with Friends, Vol. 1 Volume 1 of our Behaviors! series, Behaviors with Friends, uses targeted video modeling to help teach your child how to behave appropriately, solve problems, make good decisions and properly communicate with their friends and other peers in common social scenarios and settings. In each lesson, we introduce a scenario and first show a child making an incorrect choice and exhibiting negative behaviors, which results in appropriate consequences for that child. We then help teach your child how to make a good choice in that scenario by modeling appropriate, positive behaviors.

45 Autism The Social Times The Social Times is a social skills resource for teachers to use with students who have autism. Geared towards students in grades 3-9.

46 iPad for Speech Therapy iPads for use by each buildings Speech Therapist

47 Teacher Resources For your AT needs each building receives velcro, laminate, card stock, batteries, and colored ink for the color printer

48 Teacher Resources Every Move Counts Clicks & Chats A sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology for individuals with significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences and autism.

49 Teacher Resources Plastic Coil Binding Machine Plastic coil binding machine to bind adapted books (Lori Volkmans students will bind material)

50 Teacher Resources Each building has a LoTTIE kit. The LoTTIE (Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education) Kit is a collection of over 50 low and mid tech tools that can help students with special needs be as independent and successful as possible.

51 Teacher Resources Each building also has a Sensory Kit filled with a variety of sensory tools to try with your students. (purchased for Prairie View) Vibrating snake Weighted pencils Whisper phone Weighted lap pad Chair sox Scent inhalers and more… Latex-free theraband

52 Teacher Resources Closing the Gap The following people attended Closing the Gap. District: Sarah Winn High School: Tim Ranis Evergreen: Betsy Murphy Prairie View: Kevin Prairie/Rachel Amundson Sand Lake: Sue Ausavich Viking: Trista Knower FLC: Marilyn Webster

53 The End! Thank you for taking the time to watch this. If you have questions about Assistive Technology, please dont hesitate to contact a member of the Assistive Technology committee!

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