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SCIA Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance

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1 SCIA Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance
SELPA Guidelines 2012 Update

2 Considerations for SCIA Prior to Assessment
Analysis of offer of FAPE and LRE Goal is to encourage, promote, maximize independence. Consider all aspects of students’ programs. Natural support and existing staff should be used whenever possible.

3 4 Areas of Need Required documentation (page 15 of Guidelines Booklet)
Health Behavior Instruction Inclusion (social interaction)

4 Pre-Referral Activities Review
District SCIA administrator/County manager will return pre-referral activities review form. They will either approve or ask for completion of “next steps” and resubmission of form. If approved Assessment Plan can be completed.






10 Pre-Referral Activities Review
New review form to be completed by district SCIA administrator or County manager before teacher/psychologist completes any other portion of the SCIA packet.




14 Summary of Evaluation for Additional Support (required documentation) Page 19 in Guidelines Booklet
Using data collected, check the areas of intensive need that may indicate additional SCIA support. Describe each area of intensive need and interventions used. Entire page must be completed



17 School Day Analysis (required documentation) Page 18 in Guidelines Booklet
School day analysis data should be taken for over 3 observations, over 3 days in 3 different settings/times. Change to School day Analysis form (dates are embedded in form). Can be completed by teacher, aide, psychologist or other professional observing student.




21 Data Collection Current practices?
Data collection tools in packet are examples (not required documentation). All required Data Collection is listed on “SCIA Required Documentation by Area of Need” (part 2). Concerns in regards to DATA Collection?

22 IEP Documentation If a SCIA is needed, it must be documented in the services grid as additional supports for student. Specify areas of need under comments. More detail must be added on notes page. Extra Para support for classroom may also be noted on services page at the top in “supplementary aides and services” section.

23 IEP documentation continued:
A goal will need to be added to target areas of concern or use existing goals relevant to areas of need. (except for health only cases). If additional SCIA support is added due to behavioral needs, the IEP should also include a BSP or BIP A systematic fade/independence plan should be documented with a goal.

24 IEP documentation continued:
A “Review the Success of SCIA Support” must be completed in order to consider re-authorization. If a short term SCIA is required for a transition, the written plan should specify the level of independence required before the SCIA is removed.


26 Draft IEP goal for SCIA (required documentation)
Describe target behavior, frequency, and baseline data. Develop a draft IEP goal with objectives to facilitate fade plan. After SCIA is approved draft goal will be added to IEP. If goal is met SCIA may be faded and then eliminated.

27 Techniques to Promote Independence and Fading of Support
Review and teach tips on page 26 of Guidelines Booklet. Make sure all team members are working toward independence for student. We do our students a disservice and promote “learned helplessness” if we do not work toward natural supports.

28 Thank you

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