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Great Lakes. HOMES Huron Great Lakes HOMES Huron Ontario.

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1 Great Lakes

2 HOMES Huron

3 Great Lakes HOMES Huron Ontario

4 Great Lakes HOMES Huron Ontario Michigan

5 Great Lakes HOMES Huron Ontario Michigan Erie

6 Great Lakes HOMES Huron Ontario Michigan Erie Superior

7 Great Lakes Bordering States 1. Minnesota Duluth 2. Wisconsin Green Bay 3. Illinois Chicago

8 Great Lakes 4. Indiana Gary 5. Michigan Detroit Sault Ste. Marie 6. Ohio Cleveland

9 Great Lakes 7. Pennsylvania Erie 8. New York Buffalo *9. Canada Toronto Thunder Bay

10 Great Lakes I. Lake Facts A. 1/5 of Worlds fresh water supply B. 95% of US fresh water supply C. 6 Quadrillion Gallons of water D. More than 94,000 square miles 1. Larger than New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire combined

11 Great Lakes E. Only Lake Michigan is entirely inside of US F. Total Coastline - 10,900 mi 1. Michigans Coastline - 3,050 mi G. 2,340 miles from Duluth through St. Lawrence seaway to Atlantic

12 Great Lakes II. Lake Ontario A. Smallest Great Lake by surface area, 2nd smallest by volume 1. 14th Largest Lake Worldwide 2. Ranks 4th among G.L.s in maximum depth, but 2nd in average depth at 283 B. Separated from Lake Erie by Niagara Falls

13 Great Lakes C. Called the lower G.L. because of its elevation 1. Connected to the upper G.L.s for shipping by the Trent-Severn Waterway, along with the Welland and Erie Canals 2. OUTLET: St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean

14 Great Lakes 3. In Iroquois Ontario means "beautiful lake"

15 Great Lakes III. Lake Erie A. 2nd smallest G.L. by surface area, smallest by volume 1. 11th Largest Lake Worldwide B. 95 % of Lake Erie's total inflow of water comes via the Detroit River from all the "upper lakes" -- Superior, Michigan and Huron

16 Great Lakes C. Warmest and most biologically productive of the Great Lakes 1. Lake Erie walleye fishery is widely considered the best in the world. D. Shoreline is heavily industrialized 1. Had caused heavy pollution - the lake was once considered close to dead

17 Great Lakes E. Outlet - Niagara River and Welland Canal

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19 Great Lakes IV. Lake Michigan A. 3rd Largest (smallest) by surface area, 2nd largest by volume 1. 6th Largest Lake Worldwide B. Is a diversion from the lake into the Mississippi River basin through the Illinois Waterway at the Chicago River

20 Great Lakes C. Small lunar tidal effects D. U pwellings can produce a 15 degree C. water temperature decrease along the coast in only a few hours E. The world's largest freshwater dunes line the lakeshore

21 Great Lakes


23 F. Outlet - Straits of Mackinac

24 Great Lakes V. Lake Huron A. 2nd Largest by surface area, 3rd largest by volume 1. 5th Largest Lake Worldwide 2. Longest G.L. shoreline B. Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world

25 Great Lakes C. Georgian Bay and Saginaw Bay are the two largest bays on the Great Lakes 1. Georgian Bay is large enough to be the 20th largest lake worldwide D. Huron receives the flow from both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan

26 Great Lakes

27 E. Huron was the first of the Great Lakes to be discovered by European explorers F. Outlet - Lake St. Clair/Detroit River

28 Great Lakes VI. Lake Superior A. Largest Great Lake by surface and volume 1. Second Largest Lake Worldwide and contains 10% of the worlds surface freshwater a. Lake Baikal in Russia is the worlds largest and contains 20% of the worlds freshwater

29 Great Lakes B. Lake Superior could contain all the other Great Lakes plus three more lakes the size of Lake Erie C. Only G.L. with a sustainable spawning source of Lake Trout D. Cleanest of the Great Lakes

30 Great Lakes E. Extremely cold - the surface occasionally freezes solid in the winter F. Outlet - St. Marys River

31 Great Lakes LakeHuronOntarioMichErieSuperior Length 206 mi 193 mi 307 mi 241 mi 350 mi Width 183 mi 53 mi 118 mi 57 mi 160 mi Ave. Depth 19528327962483

32 Great Lakes LakeHuronOntarioMichErieSuperior Max Depth 7508029252101,322 Drain Basin 51,700 sq/mi 24,720 sq/mi 45,600 sq/mi 30,140 sq/mi 49,300 sq/mi Shore line 3,827 mi 712 mi 1,638 mi 871 mi 2,726 mi


34 Great Lakes LakeHuronOntarioMichErieSuperior Surface Area 23,000 mi 2 7,340 mi 2 22,300 mi 2 9,910 mi 2 31,700 mi 2 Vol 850 cubic mi 393 cubic mi 1,180 cubic mi 116 cubic mi 2,900 cubic mi Retent/ Replac 22 yrs 6 yrs 99 yrs 2.6 yrs 191 yrs

35 Great Lakes






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