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Welcome to Online HRS All your Human Resources needs in one easy to follow database system.

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1 Welcome to Online HRS All your Human Resources needs in one easy to follow database system

2 Finally, you can create professional Human Resource documents in a fraction of the time with Online HRS. The ultimate business tool for managing staff

3 It’s about your business success Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to reduce your business risk? Do you need help to banish the paperwork headaches so you can focus on your business? Then you need Online HRS.

4 You don’t need to be a Human Resources expert to save hours of precious time and master staff management by using Online HRS.

5 Online HRS has been designed for busy managers & business owners, it’s: - Simple to use! - No training required - Easy to access what you need - Staff Database and Automatic Outlook reminders - Tips and Guides on how to manage staff

6 Online HRS Features Start up Wizard Recruitment, Starting, Salary and Review Wizards Document Builder Staff File Manager Contractor Management Induction/Training Manager Staff Management Reports Assistance Centre User Admin Global Admin

7 The system comes with an easy to follow 4 Step Start Up Wizard

8 The System has been designed to take you through the processes of: Recruiting Staff Starting Up Staff Salary and Performance Review Exiting Staff Using simple easy to follow wizards

9 The wizard takes you through the process, select a box and proceed, its as easy as that When you select a box the corresponding document will automatically appear. The system comes with a template that can be edited to suit all occasions, you Build or Edit these documents by selecting the corresponding icon category at the top of each page. Select the Wizard Icon and choose the Type of Wizard Needed

10 Each Section has its own master template, if I select the Recruitment Icon then Application Process the Application Process Register will be shown By selecting add new template the program will bring up the master template, which can be edited to suit your needs

11 By selecting the Behavioural or Message Token icon you can even add fields to the master template

12 There are 22 types of HR fields that can be selected and inserted into your templates By Selecting the first name field it will be inserted into the template

13 There are 22 types of HR fields that can be selected and inserted into your templates By Selecting the first name field it will be inserted into the template

14 Each Section has its own master template Now when going through the Wizard Processes the employee selected data will automatically inserted into the document for the fields selected

15 Each Section has its own master template, if I select the Recruitment Icon then Application Process the Application Process Register will be shown You can save your template and it will be stored in the category selected register, you will be able to view or edit this template whenever you need

16 Select Step 2 and again the documents that you have built relating to this step are shown. Work your through the wizard and complete the process Once completed the documents can be printed out and will also be stored in the employees records documents section

17 Starting a new employee has never been so easy! Just select the Start up Staff Wizard and work your way through the steps

18 There are over 40 different types of Document Templates inside the system to help you management every process of employee management. Documents include: Application forms Position Descriptions for both staff and management Staff and Management interview Guide Staff and Management reference check Letter of Offer Staff and Management Orientation checklist Staff Action forms Performance Review forms Salary Review forms Staff Termination forms Exiting Staff forms

19 Build or upload Policies, set review dates and be automatically alerted when they are due

20 Staff File Manager The Staff File Manager has been designed to give the user a variety of information relating to your employees

21 Staff File Manager Adding a New Employee

22 The staff record sheet records all the vital information needed for staff management Qualifications, probationary periods and Performance reviews which are due will automatically email the person responsible All information relating to this employee is easy to access including critical dates and documents which have been built for the employee via the wizards

23 Critical Dates such as Probationary Periods, Qualification expiry dates, Performance Reviews are automatically inserted into the Critical Date register. You can add, edit or review these dates and a log is kept to show a history or events

24 Documents that have been developed during the wizard process for the employee are stored in the employee document register

25 Contractor Management System 1. Enter Contractors Details 2. Send contractor form via a link in the program 3. Contractor completes compliance form 4. Contractors data stored in your database The Contractor Completes an Online Form to confirm they have the appropriate: Qualifications to complete the assigned tasks Safe Work Methods Insurances Training for Employees Emergency systems

26 The contractors details are entered into this form

27 This email is automatically produced and sent to the contractor for completion The contractor selects the induction link and completes the induction (that has been built inside the system) and then completes the contractor compliance form

28 The contractor completes all four compliance categories



31 The question box expands so the contractor can enter their expiry dates and upload their documents of their workers compensation, public liability etc. The program will alert you via email when these have expired

32 A contractors details is highlighted in red when they have been initially sent the contractor email. It turns automatically to Orange when the contractor has completed the forms and sent it back ( it will also alert you that it has been sent back) Once you have received the compliance form back select view to verify the contractors details, the register will turn green To add a contractor select here

33 The HRS system comes complete with its own Induction/Training Builder. Now you can built any type of Inductions and Training in the system and allocate the items built to any employee to undertake. To build a new Induction or Training module just select add induction

34 You can upload the training or induction material into the system in any format including video

35 Once the learning material has been uploaded you can even build an Induction or Training Quiz

36 Its easy to build the Quiz, and you can build as many questions as you wish. To add another question just select add more fields

37 And the program will automatically build another question field. Build as many questions as you need.

38 The inductions built can be assigned to the employee. By selecting the training links the learning material will be shown here. The quiz relating to the learning material selected will be shown here. The system will save all the Inductions and Training undertaken by the employee in their records. Not only that it will also alert you via email whenever Inductions and Training is due for review!

39 Reports Staff File Manager

40 A variety of reports can be generated including: Current Staff Reports Employee Status Length of Service Terminated Reports Staff Compliance Reports Performance Reviews Recruitment Sources Birthday Reports Critical Dates Reports can be previewed or developed into a PDF document that can be printed or saved for future reference

41 The HRS Program also comes with an Assistance Centre. With a click of a button we can help you with problems arising from: Industrial Relations Recruitment and Assessment Staff Administration Training and Seminars Occupational Health & Safety Rewards & Recognition

42 The links for these icons can even be set in the user admin section to come to you or anyone you designate!

43 The HRS System comes complete with its own “User Admin” section. In this section you will be able to : - Add employees and set permission levels - Add alerts relating to critical dates - Upload performance relating material - Set links in the assistance centre as well as other features

44 The system also comes with a Global Admin Section. The Global admin section is where master templates and other items can be updated for every system at a click of a button, this will ensure that the HRS system has the latest in Human Resources Information. The Global Admin Section is allocated by HR Coach Head Office Only,

45 5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS 1.Minimise your Risk. Businesses without the right documentation in place suffer. Our Online SQL Database will ensure that you keep track of signed documents.

46 5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS 2. Meet your Obligations. 75% of businesses struggle with paperwork and compliance. Staff Manager will keep your processes organised. You can even edit and tailor the documents to suit you!

47 5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS 3. Save time and money. Businesses who are organised save time and money in processing staff documents. Wizards take the headache out of collating forms. Outlook reminders will ensure you don't miss probation dates.

48 5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS 4. Increase your hiring success rate! Staff are attracted to Businesses who have their act together. Professional colour coded documents provide a positive image about you. Easy to use Interview guides will help you ask the right questions to select the right people.

49 5 Reasons why you should use Online HRS 5. Keep up to date. Reports will show you what information is missing. By using templates for staff planning will ensure you remember to update policies, keep staff trained and audit our documents on a regular basis. Links will help you find the information you need!

50 Online HRS Can be implemented to any business across Australia via the HR COACH Network HR COACH … setting the standard for innovative human resource practice

51 HRS Prices Over 500 employees by quote

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