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Overview SalesSmart presenting Steve Costa Successful By Design CEO.

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2 Overview SalesSmart presenting Steve Costa Successful By Design CEO

3 Overview SalesSmart Attract Profitable Customers Tend to and Maximise your database Develop your sales SYSTEM Evolve individual selling tasks Realise every customers full potential Why SalesSmart ?…

4 Overview SalesSmart Task based activity. Organise:- Sales tasks Sales activity Client and prospect exceptions Allow your team to:- Be consistent with sales and service Automatically initiate another task for another user on completion of a task At the heart of SalesSmart

5 Live SURVEY responses Detailed performance and activity REPORTS Overview SalesSmart FROM the heart of SalesSmart Easy Customisations to add or edit fields.. Easy system SET-UP No IT knowledge required at all ! Appointments are individually placed in Outlook including Location details for your travels NO NEED to synchronise anything! Import your current customers and contacts SalesSmart provides a simple and easy to use Data Import Wizard Use the FREE SalesSmart Unique Workflow Systems that we have packaged with your software OR Be creative & Build Your Own

6 Overview SalesSmart And it goes without saying SalesSmart delivers Comprehensive and EASY Company management Complete CONTACT management

7 Activate the unique the Sales Success Unit Available within every customer and appointment MAXIMISE sales from currently undersold, overlooked opportunities & client/prospect potential Overview SalesSmart Additionally from SalesSmart…. Your sales team will fall in love with their SalesSmart Selling Portal. Everything they need to manage their: Sales List - Suspect/prospect/client Appointments Target and success pipeline Visit reviews Managers LOVE the Sales Portal too because: They can access all activity and pipelines LIVE. The sales team become more SELF DRIVEN Organisation is automated to a task level Sales processes are systemised

8 Overview SalesSmart As a current incentive for a limited time you receive MARKETINGSMART FREE with SalesSmart Flexibly and EASILY Mine your database with a purpose Use results to take immediate marketing action with activity Measure ALL your results and performance Stay in touch with your Prospects and Clients Assign promotions in bulk Email customised offers Mail customised offers Marketing activities are created AND deployed in just minutes With marketing so easy it has to mean more profit

9 Overview SalesSmart Call us now 02 9541-1253 Email or visit us at Click to exit Give your sales team An unfair advantage TODAY Thank you

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