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Dont Worry! The first 30 years of teaching are the hardest! Mega Conference July 17, 2008.

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1 Dont Worry! The first 30 years of teaching are the hardest! Mega Conference July 17, 2008

2 Enrollment – 785 Free/Reduced Lunch – 41% Teacher Units – 51.5 Ethnicity –Caucasian (66%) African American (33%) Other (1%) Suburban School Three Elementary Feeder Schools

3 Getting To Know You

4 Fourth Little Pig

5 What is Differentiated Instruction? Take a couple of minutes and write your own definition of Differentiated Instruction. Give an example of DI that is used in your school. Share your definition at your table. Using the chart paper, write one definition of DI from your table and display on wall. Teaching to Reach ALL Students

6 What Is Differentiated Instruction? Its teaching so that typical students; students with disabilities; students who are gifted; and students from a range of cultural, ethnic, and language groups can learn together, well. Not just inclusion, but inclusive teaching!

7 Differentiating Instruction Is Not A Idea

8 10% of what they read 20% of what they hear 30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear 60% of what they study 70% of what they speak 90% of what they do 95% of what they sing After 3 Days, Students Will Retain:

9 Video Clip Digestive Rap

10 Poverty matters Students who enter school from family backgrounds of poverty Begin behind May never catch up Have most difficulty with reading Reading difficulty carries over to literacy difficulty in other subjects

11 Poverty matters Cumulative Vocabulary Children from professional families1100 words Children from working class families 700 words Children from welfare families 500 words Vocabulary in Beginning Reading

12 Poverty matters Actual Differences in Quantity of Words Heard In a typical hour, the average child would hear: Welfare:616 words Working Class:1,251 words Professional:2,153 words Actual Differences in Quality of Words Heard Professional:32 affirmations, 5 prohibitions Working Class:12 affirmations, 7 prohibitions Welfare:5 affirmations, 11 prohibitions (Hart & Risley, 1995)

13 LEDGUSILAITEIVE YSHOOZ At a recent gathering at the Capitol here in Madison, a number of ledgusilaiteive yshoos wur dhyscust. All dellt with tuhrizuhm in Wisconsin. Klyph Kharlsuhn, who onze a small phische pharm nier Wabeno, lead the phyte for tacks braxe for stayt bisnusmuhn hooze prauphutz halve bin sclascht beakuz uv the enuhrjee chrysesse. Other cimullerlee kuhnsyrnde sytazunze joined hymm in demanding immediate rheleaph phor such pursonze.

14 LEGISLATIVE ISSUES At a recent gathering at the Capitol here in Madison, a number of legislative issues were discussed. All dealt with tourism in Wisconsin. Cliff Karlson, who owns a small fish farm near Wabeno, lead the fight for tax breaks for state businessmen whose profits have been slashed because of the energy crisis. Other similarly concerned citizens joined him in demanding immediate relief for such persons.

15 Assessing Interest and Learning Profile


17 Little Big League

18 Case Studies Case Study #1 Case Study #3 Case Study #4 Case Study #5 Case Study #6 Case Study #7



21 An appropriately differentiated classroom offers different routes to content, activities, and products in a response to differing learner needs.

22 One-size- fits-all instruction is not a good fit for many learners in an academically diverse classroom.

23 Teachers in appropriately differentiated classrooms continually study their students.

24 In an appropriately differentiated classroom, all learners focus much of their time and attention on key concepts, principles, and skills identified by the teacher as essential to growth and development in the subject. – but at varying degrees of abstractness, complexity, open-endedness, problem clarity, and structure.

25 Good teaching is predicated upon a teachers clarity about what a learner should know,understand, and be able to do as a result of a given learning experience and set of learning experiences.

26 Choose a standard/topic/activity from your subject area and develop a lesson plan using the template provided for differentiation. Now Its Your Turn

27 CONTENTACTIVITIESPRODUCT Tape recorded text material Reading buddies Multiple texts Multiple supplementary materials Small group direct instruction Varied graphic organizers to support reading comprehension compacting Activity choice boards Varied journal prompts Tiered activities Multilevel learning center tasks Similar readiness groups Students choice of work arrangement Learning contracts Mixed readiness groups with targeted roles for students Tiered products Student choice of mode of demonstrating learning Interest-based investigation Independent study Varied rubrics Mentorships Criteria for success generated by or for individuals

28 Flexible grouping enables all learners to work in a wide variety of configurations and with the full range of peers, while targeting specific learning needs.

29 Movie Clip Father of the Bride

30 Students Classroom Norms Grading Parents

31 Traditional Classroom Differentiated Classroom

32 Traditional Classroom Differentiated Classroom

33 Traditional Classroom Differentiated Classroom

34 Traditional Classroom Differentiated Classroom


36 Bowl-A-Fact 2134 567 89 10


38 Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger


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