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Action Research EDUU 604 Dr. Ray Gen.

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1 Action Research EDUU 604 Dr. Ray Gen

2 Components of Action Research
Abstract Introduction Methods Findings Discussion References Appendix

3 Abstract Summarize your research project
Include topic, method, findings

4 Introduction A. Statement of problem and its significance
B.     Relevant research and how it applies to your problem C.    Carefully worded research question or problem

5 Problem Statement 1 The Ideal - Describe the goals, desired state, or the values that your audience considers important and that are relevant to the problem 2 The Reality - Describe a condition that prevents The Ideal 3 The Consequences - Using specific details, show how The Reality contains little promise of improvement unless something is done. Emphasize the benefits of research by projecting the consequences of possible solutions as well.

6 Problem Statement Example
The Ideal - The desire of ZZZUSD is to implement a highly functioning Professional Learning Community. The Reality – However, old ideas and practices prevent teachers from full collaboration. The Consequences – Without a change in culture, teachers will not be able to learn together. But with a change in practices, teachers will learn from each other.

7 Relevant Research A Literature Review should
be organized around and related directly to the thesis or research question you are developing synthesize results into a summary of what is and is not known identify areas of controversy in the topic provide substantiation of your research

8 Research Question(s) Select the topic
Formulate a statement of purpose regarding the topic Write an evocative question which is researchable and significant

9 Methods Describes your subjects demographics achievement levels

10 Methods    Procedures Outline your step by step plan for investigating the problem or question Be sure and describe what data you collected, how you collected it and why you decided upon your particular method of collection Describe what you did

11 Methods Cycle 1 – describe what you did Interim – reflect on Cycle 1
Cycle 2 – describe the alteration you did Reflect of whole process

12 Findings/Results A.   Describe how you interpreted the data that you collected B.   What are your overall conclusions? (Relate this back to your research question/problem and to the relevant  research) C.   Include raw data (can be numbers in table format, quotes, etc.) that illustrates how you reached your conclusion

13 Discussion A.   Describe your feelings about the project (i.e., were you surprised at the results, was the project more difficult than you anticipated) B.   How will the project impact your teaching of the science concept that you addressed? C.   Describe additional projects on related topics that you might do in the future. 

14 References In APA format, list the sources you cited in the paper.
A variety of sources is preferred educational journals or books  online periodicals databases

15 Appendixes Interview questions, Questionnaires, Observations
Checklists and matrixes

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