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Choosing a Career is Child’s Play

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1 Choosing a Career is Child’s Play

2 REALISTIC - Doers Children who have athletic or mechanical ability, prefer to play with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or to be outdoors.  

3 REALISTIC - Doers Games: Sports, Television Shows:
Repair person, chef, Cops and Robbers, Fireman. Florist. Construction person. Truck operator; blocks Television Shows: Sports Action shows. Cooking Super heroes. Survivor Police

Children who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems.

Games: Board games. Monopoly, chess. Puzzles Rubric Cube, video games. Word games; crossword puzzles. Chemistry set; microscope. Television Shows: Quiz shows Scientific/health related – CSI .

6 ARTISTIC - Creators Children who have artistic, innovating or intuition abilities and like to play in unstructured situations using their imagination and creativity.

7 ARTISTIC - Creators Games: Coloring books. Make decorations. Sew
Play music, sing Television Shows: Make over shows. Cartoons Prefers reading to TV.

8 SOCIAL - Helpers Children who like to play with people to entertain, inform, help, train, or cure them, or are skilled with words.

9 SOCIAL - Helpers Games: Play school Play nurse or doctor
Play homemaker; serve tea. Counselor; good listener and speaker. Television Shows: Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers Soap Operas Real-life drama

10 ENTERPRSING - Persuaders
Children who like to be with people, influencing, persuading, performing, leading or managing for a club’s success or to make money.

11 ENTERPRSING - Persuaders
Games: Lemonade stand Raise money for cause. Usually makes decision for group in game play. Television Shows: Government/politics: How to win. Documentaries Less TV; wants to count $$ in piggy bank.

12 CONVENTIONAL - Organizers
Children who like to play with data, have clerical or numerical ability, carry out tasks in detail or follow through on others' instructions.

13 CONVENTIONAL - Organizers
Television Shows: News Quiz Shows Less TV: Arranges collections in room. Games: Plays office. Organizes papers, drawers, very orderly. Collects baseball cards, statues. Files things away.

14 Applying the Holland Code to High School Courses and Careers

15 REALISTIC - Doers High School Courses: Technology Math Science Cooking
Career Focus: Earth/Marine Science Horticulture Manufacturing Mechanical Construction/Trades Engineering Tech. Printing Computer Tech Sports Police Science

Career Focus: Health care Biotech, Chemistry Engineering Journalism Psychology Lawyer Computer Programming Research person Historian High School Courses: Science History, Psychology English Foreign Languages .

17 ARTISTIC - Creators High School Courses: Art/music
English and Languages Architecture   Career Focus: Artist Musician Author Fashion Web Designer Film, Video Advertising Interpreter Design

18 SOCIAL - Helpers High School Courses: Business Family Consumer Science
Marketing/Psychology Career Focus: Education Hospitality Counselor Sales Child Care Law Enforcement Fire Fighters

19 ENTERPRSING - Persuaders
High School Courses: Business Economics Mathematics Club Leaders Career Focus: Business Owner Insurance Sales Real Estate Commission Sales Attorney Department Manager Finance Investment Banker Economist

20 CONVENTIONAL - Organizers
High School Courses: Business - Accounting Business Computer Applications Career Focus: Accounting Data Processing Insurance Claims Logistics Warehouse Management Office Administration Medical Claims Event Planner

21 Career Planning 90 days of Self Discovery!
Interest and personality assessments Career exploration Shadowing professionals Guest speakers Choosing college majors Finding potential employers Grades

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