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What makes me a Georgia citizen?

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1 What makes me a Georgia citizen?
We will describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens, explain voting requirements in Georgia and find out what political parties are for.

2 I am a citizen of . . . Make a jot list of as many places as you can think of that you are a citizen of. Next, think about what makes you a citizen of these places. What did you have to do – if anything?

3 Rights/Responsibilities of Citizen
Right Responsibility Due process of law Obeying law Serving on a jury Freedom of religion Privacy Vote Assembly Pay taxes Defend our country

4 Voting – Right and Responsibility
There have been a number of groups who have their right to vote limited. They include: African-Americans Women 18-20 year olds Other minorities – Asians, Native Americans

5 How do I get to vote? In the state of Georgia, you must :
Be18 years old Be a citizen of the U.S. Be a legal resident of the county Not be serving a sentence for a felony conviction Not be judged to be mentally incompetent

6 How do I know for whom to vote?
Most people affiliate themselves with a political party. 2 major ones – Democrats/Republicans Political party – Group of people with similar ideas who work to elect people with the same ideas into government offices.

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