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What do you think Buddha looks like?. NOOOOOOO!!!

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1 What do you think Buddha looks like?



4 India is the birthplace of what two religions? a.Hinduism, Christianity b.Islam, Christianity c. Buddhism, Hinduism d. Hinduism, Islam

5 C. Hinduism and Buddhism

6 The Birth of Buddhism  Founded by Siddhartha Gautama.  Sixth century B.C.  In Northern India (present day Nepal)  Soon became the rival of Hinduism Siddhartha Gautama

7 The Birth of Buddhism

8 The Story of Siddhartha  Born a prince in 563(?) B.C.  Kingdom in the Himalayas (Nepal)  Led a sheltered, very easy life-he had everything he could desire Queen Maya-Siddhartha’s mother

9 The Story of Siddhartha  Not until his late 20s did he discover old age, death and suffering in poor areas  Decided to spend his life seeking a cure for human suffering  Became the Buddha=“enlightened one”, while meditating under a Bodhi tree.

10 Who was the Founder of Buddhism a.Siddhartha Gautama b. Gandhi c. Benazir Bhutto d.Mohandas Gandhi

11 A.Siddhartha Gautama

12 The Basic Principles of Buddhism  Nirvana = the ultimate reality-the end of the self and a reunion with the universe  Pain, poverty, sorrow are caused by human attachment to the material world  Pain & sorrow can be forgotten by letting go of worldly cares

13 The Four Noble Truths 1. Ordinary life is full of suffering. 2. This suffering is caused by our desire to satisfy ourselves. 3. The way to end suffering is to end desire for selfish goals and to see others as extensions of ourselves. 4. The way to end desire is to follow the Middle Path.

14 The Eightfold Path  Also called the Middle Path or Middle Way  Leads to the end of suffering- Nirvana  Further subdivided into three basic categories: Wisdom, Ethical Conduct, Mental Discipline

15 According to Buddhism, an end to all suffering and sorrow is called a. heavenb. enlightenment c. Nirvanad. Nirvagan

16 C. Nirvana

17 Which is a characteristic of the Buddhist religion? a. all is pain and suffering b. Nirvana is the ultimate reality c. pain can be forgotten by letting go of worldly cares d. all of the above

18 D. All of the Above

19 Hinduism  God is one-but goes by many names Brahman-all of the universe is a part of Brahman  No single founder-combination of beliefs  Sacred texts-Vedas and Upanishads

20 Goal of Life  Atman-essential self every person has one.  Want to achieve moksha-being one with Brahman  Do through reincarnation until they get it right.

21 Karma and Dharma  Karma-actions in this life that affect the next.  Dharma-the religious and moral duties of an individual.  Caste system-strict Group you are in according to class, occupation, or gender.

22 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Siddhartha Gautama No particular Prophet Founder Buddhism Hinduism

23 Buddhism vs. Hinduism The Buddha is NOT a God Buddhism Relationship with God Hinduism Atman=the individual soul Brahman=the Supreme Creator

24 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Ending Human Sorrow and Suffering Nirvana Moksha- Enlightenment Goal of Life Buddhism Hinduism

25 Buddhism vs. Hinduism None The Vedas and Upandishads Sacred Texts Buddhism Hinduism

26 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Detachment from worldly life and rejection of desire (the chief cause of suffering) Attitude Toward the Material World Buddhism Hinduism

27 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Compassion, nonviolence towards all living things Attitude Toward Nonviolence Buddhism Hinduism

28 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Karma The Cycle of Rebirth Reincarnation Buddhism Hinduism

29 Buddhism vs. Hinduism Rejects the Caste System-all human beings can reach Nirvana as a result of their behavior in this life Division of human beings into strict social castes based on karma from previous life Caste System Buddhism Hinduism

30 Buddhism vs. Hinduism BuddhismHinduism FounderSiddhartha Gautama No Particular Prophet Relationship with God The Buddha is NOT a God Atman Brahman Goal of LifeEnding Human suffering Nirvana Moksha- Enlightenment Sacred TextsNoneThe Vedas & Upandishads Attitude Toward the Material World Detach oneself from worldly life. Reject desire as the chief cause of suffering

31 Buddhism vs. Hinduism BuddhismHinduism Attitude toward Nonviolence Compassion & Nonviolence towards all living things ReincarnationKarma & the Cycle of Rebirth Caste SystemRejects the Caste System-all human beings could reach Nirvana as a result of their behavior in this life Division of human beings into rigidly defined castes based on previous karma

32 What is the holy river to Hindus? a. Nileb. Indus c. Arabiand. Ganges

33 D. Ganges A Hindu Holy Man Worshiping at the Ganges River

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