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Lesson 1 North and South Grow Apart. Pg 54

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1 Lesson 1 North and South Grow Apart. Pg 54
Chapter 1 A Divided Nation

2 Two Regions The North and South are very different geographically.
Southerners lived a mainly rural way of life, living and working on farms and in small towns. Northerners lived an urban way of life, living and working in factories and in large towns and cities.

3 Two Regions The goals of factory owners in the North were different from those of plantation owners and farmers in the South. These differences led to strong disagreements. A Law passed in 1864 lowered tariffs charged for goods imported from other countries. The lower charges on imported goods upset Northern factory owners.

4 Two Regions Tariffs: A taxation imposed on goods and services imported into a country. Also known as a duty tax. Tariffs are similar to tolls, which have the same kind of effect on the transport of people across borders instead of goods. Tax: a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

5 Two Regions The problem. Northern industries were very young and trying to make money by selling produced goods to the Southern market, at a high cost.($) Northern industries had to compete with overseas industries. The Southern market wanted to buy items from overseas, because the South was trading Cotton for a break in price from overseas industries. (More for the $) All about the $$$$$$$$$$

6 Two Regions Countries can protect their own industries by assigning a Tariff/Tax on goods produced by other industries outside of the country. This Tariff/Tax keeps industries at a competitive price level, and hopefully from going out of business.

7 Two Regions Sectionalism: a loyalty to a section or part of the country rather than to the whole country. The South wanted lower tariffs/taxes on imported goods. The North wanted higher tariffs/taxes on imported goods. The way of life of one section of the United States was threatening the way of life in another section of the United States. (Sectionalism!)

8 Slavery in the South One very important difference between the North and the South was Slavery. Slavery was allowed in the South, but not in the North.

9 Slavery in the South All farming was done by hand.
Massive work forces were required to plant, tend and harvest crops. Industrial revolution had not occurred yet, so not tractors, tillers, sprayers, ect…….

10 Slavery in the South Slavery was profitable to the economy of the South. The goods an enslaved person produced brought in at least twice as much money as the cost of owning the slave. In 1850 about 6 out of every ten slaves worked in the Cotton fields. By 1860 almost four millions enslaved African Americans were in the United States.

11 Farming Cotton

12 Different Views on Slavery
North did not approve of slavery. (Abolitionists) The North did not need slavery, due to the constant flow of immigrants arriving into ports seeking jobs. South did approve of slavery, and needed the workers for agricultural way of life. Farmers could not afford to pay work groups of 30+ people to tend the fields every year.

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