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2 SOCIETY BUILDING Think about the following points and write a brief response: What does the word “society” mean? What does the phrase “good society” mean and how is it different from your first definition?

3 WHAT IS A SOCIETY? A society is a group of people in a particular geographic area who share the same rules and laws; A formal organization is a large group of people, such as those in a school, business or government, who are organized with the purpose of achieving a specific goal;

4 WHAT IS A SOCIETY? A law is a formal rule enforced by designated individuals in a society; A minority group is a relatively small group of people who differ from members of the dominant group; French in English Canada; white Dutch in black South Africa; white British in India;

5 SOCIETY BUILDING WRITE at least FIVE THINGS that you think a society should have or should value in order to make it a “good society.” What should be the GOAL of a society? What should be a the GOAL of a good society?

6 SOCIETY BUILDING DISCUSS with your group your answers for both ‘society’ and a ‘good society’ definitions; Compare your answers to what your society may need in order to make it “good.” How would your society interact with others? How would your society be able to adapt to change? (For example: immigration of different cultures)

7 SOCIETY BUILDING For discussion: start with the person whose birthday is closest to September 6 and continue to their left. For submission: write out your definition of society on ONE SIDE of the cue card; On the OTHER SIDE write your 5 points; Put your name on the cue card; Each person speaks for 1 minute discussing their definition and their 5 points;

8 ACTIVITY In the groups you are in, complete the “Castaways” activity and submit the assignment sheet for each individual and the group. Answer the questions in complete sentence format where required (not for a list). Answer the “individual” questions on your own first, and then have the group discussion;

9 SUBMISSIONS At the end of this period:
Cue cards for each student listing your definitions and 5 points; A one paragraph response to your group’s discussion regarding society definitions (What did you notice were the main elements of each person’s society?) Your “Castaway” individual and group notes;

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