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What do you know about animals’ senses?

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1 What do you know about animals’ senses?
P96 Listen and TICK! 1. can/can’t see colors 2. have strong/weak senses of hearing and smell 3. can hear more/less than other animals 4. have a strong/weak sense of touch elephants 5. have very good sight/touch, hearing and smell 6. Use their tongues/eyes to sense food snakes

2 7. have a very weak/strong sense of hearing
8. can smell/see very well 9. have a strong/weak sense of touch 10. are good at fighting/communicating with each other 11. smell/taste is their worst sense dolphins

3 Reading on animals’ senses

4 Shark attacks

5 名师导学P16 B.阅读理解 CBB C. 1. shark attacks Dangerous sharks 3. The bull shark 4. Three types 5. for a fish second 7. to swim by safety 9. fresh wound Do not panic

6 Information about sharks…
Listen and find out as much information as they can about sharks. Information about sharks…

7 Fast reading 1. How many different types of sharks are there in the ocean? 2. Do all of them attack humans? Nearly 400. No. Only about 30 types are known to have attacked human beings.

8 3. What is the most dangerous shark?
4. What sharks are also rather dangerous? The great white shark. Two other sharks are also rather dangerous: the tiger shark and the bull shark.

9 Detail reading The three types of shark attacks: In the main type, the shark attacks you because it mistakes you for a fish, but when it tastes human flesh it decides to give up and swims away.

10 In the second type, the shark pushes you with its noses to find out if you are fit to be eaten ad then bites you if it thinks you are. In the third type, the shark waits for you to swim by and attacks you suddenly.

11 To reduce the risk of a shark attack:
★ Do not swim in the dark. ★ Do not go swimming in the ocean if you have a fresh wound. ★ Do not wear bright clothing or jewellery. ★ Stay in groups.

12 Advices to follow if a shark attacks you
★ Keep calm. Do not panic. ★ Hit the shark on the nose with your fist ★ Stick your finger in the shark’s eye

13 Read and find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Paragraph 1: general introduction of all the sharks. Paragraph 2: three types of shark attacks.

14 Paragraph 3: Four suggestions to reduce the risk of a shark attack.
Paragraph 4:Three pieces of advice to help you when a shark attacks you. Paragraph 5: Conclusion Don’t be frightened by sharks.

15 Read again and find out what unique senses sharks have to attack humans, and how people can do to protect themselves .


17 The wonderful world of pigeons

18 Read the second article ‘The wonderful world of pigeons’ and answer.
1. What does the article begin with? It begins with a story. 2. What is the story about? It is about what an officer did when his army was attacked by the enemy.

19 3. Why does the write begin with this
story in his article? To arouse readers’ interest./ To introduce a wonderful animal — pigeons.

20 4. How do pigeons find their way?
Pigeons appear to have a compass inside them that tells them which way is north, they also appear to use their sight and even their sense of smell to tell them which way they should go.

21 Read paragraph 5&6 and find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Paragraph 5: Pigeons have a wonderful sense of direction and can find their way home from as far as 1,800 kilometers. Paragraph 6: Pigeons also have a good sense of sight and smell to tell them which way they should go.

22 LANGUAGE 1. B1&B2 on P91, D1 D 2 P 93 周报 remember the new words

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