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What is the capital of Egypt?

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1 What is the capital of Egypt?
8年级上Unit3 Lesson 9 What is the capital of Egypt? 李华平 延庆县下屯中学

2 The United Kingdom 埃及 France 美国 China 印度 Japan 英国 the United States 中国 of America India 法国 Egypt 日本

3 the Palace Museum Beijing

4 The pyramid Egypt

5 Mount Fuji Japan

6 the United States of America
The Statue of Liberty the United States of America USA =

7 The United Kingdom

8 the Eiffel tower France

9 India

10 Read the text and fill in the table.
country capital location Famous building others In Western Europe The Eiffel Tower Food wine France Paris Lakes, rivers Canada Ottawa In the south of Europe Colosseum Florence, Venice Rome Italy football In South America Brazil

11 What is the capital of Australia?
Melbourne is the capital of Australia. Melbourne Australia

12 National flag Ottawa Canada

13 National flag Beijing China

14 National flag Tokyo Japan

15 National flag Paris France

16 National flag Moscow Russia

17 National flag London the United Kingdom

18 National flag Washington the United States of America

19 National flag Rome Italy

20 National flag Berlin Germany

21 Brazil

22 请你熟练掌握以下句型 What is the capital of China? Beijing is the capital of China. How long is the Nile river? How high is the Great Pyramid? How deep is the Grand Canyon? How far is Beijing from Shanghai?

23 Listen and fill in the blanks.
high How _________ are the pyramids? The great Pyramid is 137 meters high. How ________are the Pyramids from Cairo? Just a few kilometers to the west of Cairo. And how___________is the great Sphinx? It is more than 4,500 years old! Wow! How ___________is it? It is about 200 meters high. How _________is the Nile River? It’s 6,671 kilometers long far old high long

24 It’s about Kilometers. How long is the Great Wall of China
It’s about long. How old is the Palace Museum? It’s about years old. How deep is the Grand Canyon? It’s about deep. How high is the Eiffel Tower in Paris? It’s about high. How far is Xiatun Middle School from Yanqing? It’s about Kilometers. 6700m 585 1800m 305m 4

25 deep 1800m deep

26 6700kilometers long

27 585Years old

28 France the Eiffel tower
305m high

29 How far is it from the ground?
200 kilometers 237 kilometers

30 old 从方框中选择恰当的词填空 High long deep old far wide
1.Tom is fourteen years old____________. 2.The river is two meters_____________. 3.The mountain is 235 meters__________. 4.-How_______is the school from here? -It’s two kilometers. 5.The street is about 800 meters_________, and It is 10 meters________. old long high far long wide

31 Homework: 1.用英语给朋友介绍两个你熟悉的国家。 2.用你本节课所学的句型描述你的教室。

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