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Will This Really Help Me Understand Literature On a Deeper Level?

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1 Will This Really Help Me Understand Literature On a Deeper Level?

2 The word criticism puts off people (has a negative connotation) Comes from kritikos, a Greek verb meaning to make a discernment, to distinguish, decide, or judge In a classroom, kritikos simply means expressing a reasoned opinion about the meaning, value, truth, beauty or craft of something.

3 Literary Criticism or Lit Crit for short is the discipline of: Interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating works of literature

4 Lasting works of literature will have multiple meanings, including: meanings the author intended, meanings readers have discovered over the years, and meanings encountered today

5 After reading The Raven we might ask: What was Poe trying to say in the poem? What does it say to me? What ways can we interpret the weird bird perched over the door? Any other possible meanings? Insights into Poes psyche or human psyche

6 Does the poem tell us anything about relationships between men and women in Poes day? How about today? How does The Raven fit into the history of poetry? Discussion and meanings can meander in many directions

7 Reading is like a potluck picnic to which the writer brings the words and the reader brings the meanings Literature speaks to us in different ways, and talking about literature gives us a chance to check out the different tastes and tasty dishes different students bring to the picnic.

8 Analysis is technical: pulling things apart, examining relationships, mulling cause and effects, We ask not what a poem means but how it means (Gillespie, p. 4). We may ask ourselves how did Poe make The Raven so creepy?

9 We could look at how the rhythm of the poem seems like a ticking clock The description of the dark room The final vowel sound in the refrain Nevermore makes a long, low sound, a deep ohhhhhh that punctuates the end of each stanza An analysis is our diagnosis of the craft the writer employs to give us goose bumps

10 Widening students knowledge of different writing strategies, moves, and possibilities

11 Form a personal judgment about the works value Does The Raven grab me or bore me? Was I captured by the poem or felt trapped? What value does it have? Is it a great poem or overrated? Does it add to the tradition of poetry? Does it add to the world?

12 Many students(readers) may like a piece of work and others abhor it Do not have to agree with others judgments even literary experts But, you must offer to explain the reasoning and evidence to explain a judgment Read and listen to others explanations

13 Use lenses with different powers for different perceptions and comprehension EX: psychological lens-the way peoples psyches tick during the time the story was written or setting Historical lens: history of the time-setting or authors life

14 Any way of seeing is also a way of not seeing. -Edmund Burke Every theory (criticism) has it advantages and drawbacks

15 Gillespie, T. (2010).Doing literary criticism: Helping students engage with challenging texts. Portland, ME: Stenhouse.

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