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Sue Wilkinson Association for Physical Education

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1 Sue Wilkinson Association for Physical Education
The Importance of physical education in primary schools Making a difference not making a mess Sue Wilkinson Association for Physical Education April 17

2 Context Professional standards Ofsted Report
National Curriculum Review Funding announcement April 17

3 Headlines from OfSTED Report (September 2012)
Positives Two thirds of Primary Schools are good or better Three quarters of Secondary Schools are good or better Teaching, leadership and management good or outstanding in large majority of schools GCSE results have risen PE made significant development to pupils’ personal development and well-being and enjoyment of school Boys attain better than girls but it is the other way round in the sixth form Still some evidence of positive impact of SSPs April 17

4 Headlines from the report continued
Not so positive One quarter of secondary schools required improvement One third of primary schools required improvement Subject knowledge and confidence is an issue One fifth of pupils can’t swim by end of primary Planning/Assessment is still weak Low expectations and challenge for the more able Physical aspect is under developed April 17

5 Challenges arising from the report
High participation/high standards The role of PE in tackling sedentary lifestyles/obesity Clear and well-used pathways to participation outside school Progress in lessons and over time for all pupils must be good or outstanding Teaching must be good or outstanding ! April 17 February 2013

6 National Curriculum Positives: Statutory across all key stages
Commitment to physical literacy Breadth and balance Strong statements for OAA, Dance and Swimming Attainment targets at the end of each key stage April 13

7 National Curriculum Challenges: Named examples of games
Issues around progression Taught v learned Absence of Leadership Assessment strategy and commitment not yet available for consultation March 13

8 So What next? Stop Look Listen and Audit what is needed
Plan for your children and young people, teachers and the school Plan for sustainability Plan for a legacy

9 Effective use of Funding
It is crucial this additional money is used to provide a sustainable impact – How? Schools that have done this effectively have provided physical education that has truly made a difference to the lives of young people. To plan for improvement the school should undertake a review and an audit of needs.

10 Effective use of funding
Subject leaders should access high quality professional learning. All teachers should have access to professional learning, particularly to improve their subject knowledge and as a result their confidence to deliver high quality physical education. Any other specialists such as coaches should be used to work alongside teachers to help develop their subject knowledge; they should not replace them. Once the funding ceases so will the ability to buy in specialists and sustainability will evaporate. Good or better teaching promotes learning and progress for all pupils and there should be on-going monitoring and reviewing of the impact.

11 School Sport & Active Lifestyle Physical Education for ALL
What will it look like? It is crucial that we meet the needs of all young people Elite Performance School Sport & Active Lifestyle Physical Education for ALL

12 Summary Create your school curriculum – embed the National Curriculum
Use the Quality Mark to review and evidence improvement. Sustainability - ensure professional learning for all – up skilling the profession QTS and non QTS Inspire your children and young people with good or outstanding teaching of physical education

13 April 17 February 2013

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