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Who is the designer? Presenting Graphic Arts Designer Peter Saville.

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1 Who is the designer? Presenting Graphic Arts Designer Peter Saville

2 What type of art does the artist create? Graphic Arts Graphic Arts is the art of using words and images to communicate ideas. According to graphic arts - Visual arts that are linear in character, such as drawing and engraving, and other forms of printmaking, such as lithography and serigraphy.linear drawingengravingprintmakinglithographyserigraphy graphic designer - Among people in art careers, a person who designs for commercial purposes, such things as logos, letterheads, packages, advertisements, signage, books, Web pages, and other publications. Many graphic artists and designers are careersdesignscommerciallogos letterheadspackagesadvertisementssignagebooksWeb pagesgraphic artistsfreelancers

3 What country is the artist from? Great Britain Great Britain is a political term describing the combination of the Kingdom of England, Kingdom of Scotland, Principality of Wales and the Duchy of Cornwall. I found an interactive map at this link: urope_map.htm urope_map.htm

4 My favorite design. Waste Painting #2 Description: It is a painting of high intensity colors that are streaking vertically across a pitch black background. It looks like it was made on a computer because the colors blend smoothly and it looks like light is shining through the background. The colors are violet, magenta, light green, royal blue and light blue green.

5 What does it mean and what would I do with it?: It is a painting so I would hang it on the wall in my living room. I would like to look at it during different times of the day to see how the light in the room changes the way it looks. I think it means that art can be about colors and light. It makes me think about how computers have become a new tool for artists to use to communicate ideas. I like the way the colors seem to float and how the green in the center looks like it is in the background. The magenta and purples are popping out closer to the viewer.

6 Why I chose Peter Saville. I chose this artist for several reasons. First, I love graphic arts and I consider myself a graphic artist. I worked for a printing company and designed artwork for over 14 years. Secondly, this artist designed album covers for bands that I like.

7 Why I like Saville continued The bands include New Order and the album cover for the single Blue Monday looks like this: and the song goes like this: 1415/summary.html 1415/summary.html

8 Resources for the information researched and included: saville saville map.htm map.htm

9 Requirements: Must be a designer Must chose at least 1 art work to talk about 6 power point slide minimum Must show all resources

10 Format: Who is the designer? Define the type of art the artist creates. Show a map of the country is the artist from. Art criticism: Show your favorite design. Describe what it looks like. Explain what it is used for or what it means. Tell what you like about it. Tell if you had it what you would do with it. Tell any other info, why you chose them, etc. List the resources for the information you researched.

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