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What is involved in the planning process and who makes the decisions?

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1 What is involved in the planning process and who makes the decisions?

2 A unique landscape The Brecons Beacons National Park is a protected landscape in an area where the interaction of people and nature over time has produced a distinctive landscape character.

3 Planning for the future If the National Park’s beauty and cultural heritage is to be conserved for future generations, then development needs to be sensitive and sustainable, whilst meeting the needs of the community for housing, jobs and services.

4 Policies that aim to protect Decisions on planning applications are guided by planning policy which aims to ensure new development is in the right place and the beauty of this special environment is protected.

5 The Unitary Development Plan The policies used by the Authority are published in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP)

6 The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) The UDP is written text and a map which thinks about the long term impact of development on our communities and landscape. It fits with the purposes of the National Park and with the wider principles of sustainability. It is prepared in consultation with the public and interested groups and organisations.

7 Obtaining planning permission The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is an Act of Parliament regulating the development of land in England and Wales So if you want to build or develop property or land you will probably need to submit a planning application.

8 Help and Advice The National Park Authority provides an information service to help with the preparation and submission of applications. Advice is given at ‘Planning Surgeries’ which are held every week.

9 What happens next? Once a planning application is registered by the National Park Authority it is subject to consultation and publicity. A planning notice is put up next to the proposed site Neighbours and specialist organisations are consulted

10 What happens next? Planning Officers will then consider the application against the policies (UDP) and will take into account any issues raised.

11 What happens next? Planning Officers then prepare a report on the development and make a recommendation on whether planning permission should be refused or permitted.

12 Who makes the decisions? Approximately 90% of all applications are determined by Planning Officers using their delegated powers.

13 Who makes the decisions? The remaining applications are made at a Planning Committee Meeting. This is because the application may be complex or controversial. Decisions are made taking into account the development plan, merits of the application and comments from people who are consulted. Decisions are made in the public interest

14 Who makes the decisions? The Planning Committee is made up of the Members of the National Park Authority. Amongst other duties, Members oversee the running of the National Park, make decisions and represent the interests of its residents.

15 Who makes the decisions? There are 24 Members. 16 councillors are appointed by the local authorities who have land in the National Park. 8 Members who may have experience or specialist knowledge of a particular area, are appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government

16 What happens if an application is refused? If an application is refused the applicant can appeal against the decision. If an appeal is made then the application will be considered by an inspector from the Planning Inspectorate.

17 What happens if someone develops property or land without planning permission? The Park Authority has an Enforcement Team to investigate breaches of planning control. For example: If a development needs planning permission and has taken place without it. Where the approved plans or conditions have not been followed

18 Planning Enforcement The Enforcement team will try to negotiate with the person who has breached planning control to solve the problem. If this is unsuccessful, the person responsible will be prosecuted.

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