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What is MESTIZO?.

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1 What is MESTIZO?

2 Definition Mestizo is the Spanish word for “mixed”
Mestizo means coming from two or more backgrounds. Other words for mestizo are hybrid or creole.

3 What are some examples of things that are mestizo?


5 Tamales! Corn was only grown in the Americas. The Aztec made tamales and wrapped them in corn husks. When the Spanish arrived, they stuffed the Aztec tamales with meat like pork and beef. MESTIZO!

6 Mariachi Music Mariachi Music uses Aztec style beats and rhythms,
Mariachi dancing is taken from indigenous people’s dancing too. Mariachi music uses Spanish style instruments (violin, trumpet) MESTIZO!


8 Dia De Los Muertos Day of the Dead
Uses indigenous images (skeletons, altars, flowers) Mixed with the Catholic Religion (which came from the Spanish) MESTIZO!


10 Mexican Spanish Spanish spoken in Spain is called Castellano and is different than the Spanish spoken in Mexico. Many Spanish words actually came from Indigenous languages. Examples: coyote, maiz, chocolate, guacamole, Mexico. MESTIZO!

11 Mexican Folk Art The Aztecs drew pictographs, images of war and religious sacrifices. Mexican Folk art presents Aztec style pictographs when showing murals, portraits and self-portraits. In Spain, artists mainly drew portraits. Other pictures would be pictures of religious symbols. MESTIZO!


13 Each and every person is mestizo, too!

14 Another Way of looking at Mestizo:
Coming from two or more backgrounds: The mixing of your father and mother’s interests and personalities. Any mixing of 2 or more cultures

15 Example: Ms. Talreja Dad Mom Born in New Delhi, India
Speaks Hindi and English Likes history movies Mom Born in New Delhi, India Speaks Hindi and English Enjoys shopping Ms. Talreja: Born in Colorado Blends Indian and American culture Speaks Hindi and English Enjoys shopping and history movies


17 Think about how you are mestizo too…
Make a chart like I did describing how you are Mestizo.

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