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The future is ours A multi-measure project in the Youth in Action program.

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1 The future is ours A multi-measure project in the Youth in Action program

2 What it is? A multi action project : 1 feasibility visit, 1 seminar, 2 training courses, 1 evaluation seminar. 19 partners (youth organization, youth or social services).

3 The actions 1.The feasibility visit a step further 13th to 15th of May in Strasbourg France. 2.The seminar: nothing about us without us 19th to 24th of June 2009 in Perth, Scotland. This action is also co funded by the COE. 3.The training course :participation is power 1 November to 7 of November 2009 Ostia Rome Italy 4.The training course, Youth inclusions actions 2 nd to 8 th of May 2010 Antalya Turkey 5.The evaluation seminar Taking another step 1st of July 2010 to 4th of July 2010. Slovenske Konije, Slovenia

4 What it is about? Social inclusion Participation How to use participation as a tool for social inclusion.

5 For whom? Youth and social workers, Young people involved in youth initiatives Young people involved in participation project No age limit excepted for nothing about us without us (-30 years old)

6 The partners Germany Jugendkeller, Belgium De Pretcamionette vzw Bulgaria Youth Consultative Centre France Youth Express Network, Cemea Alsace Greece Institute for Community Rehabilitation Hungary Jobseekers Association Italy Affabulazione, Kameleonte Lithuania Social and Psychological Aid, Poland Y outh for the Development of Rural Areas Association Portugal A nos in Europe Romania Intercultural Institute of Timisoara UK GDI/GIT, Scotland, Tayside and Fire Rescue, Slovenia Youth Center BIT, Mladinski center Dravinsjske Doline Sweden Kreakt Turkey Youth Development Association

7 Partners (map)

8 The previews Multi measure project In 2007 and 2008 « YEN in Action » was the first multi measure project coordinate by YEN. The project consisted of 4 event: 2 seminar, 1 evaluation seminar, and 1 training course. 19 partners from 14 countries did participate.

9 Short evaluation All event did happen. 2/3 of the partners did apply for the new multi- measure project. 1 partner didnt participate at all. Less participants as foreseen. Preparation (not enough or too long time between prep and event). Lack of team members. 10% of the ticket will not be reimbursed to YEN because of lack of invoices.

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