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Interacting & Responding: Gang Culture

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1 Interacting & Responding: Gang Culture
Learning Objectives: To work collaboratively to discuss the question ‘What is a gang?’  To use stimulus material and your own views to inform your work

2 Starter Work as a pair to create a brainstorm on the topic of GANGS
What words do you associate with the word ‘gang’? What do you know about them?

3 Speaking and listening
GCSE English Speaking & Listening = 20% of your total mark Speaking & Listening is made up of 3 separate tasks: Communicating and adapting language (an individual presentation) Interacting and responding (a group discussion) Creating and sustaining roles (a hot-seating activity in character) All these tasks are weighted evenly. They are worth around 6.5% of your mark each.

4 Interacting and responding
In this task you will participate in a group discussion on the issue of gangs The discussion will cover 4 different areas: What are gangs? Why do young people join gangs? What impact do gangs have on their local community? What can people do to stop gang culture in their local community?

5 Your assessment In the assessment you will be assessed on…
Your ability to listen Your ability to question Your ability to respond to other people Your ability to shape and sustain a discussion Your ability to express your own detailed views

6 Good speaking and listening
Here are the ground rules for good group work… Listen carefully to other people, and give people time to express their views Be supportive and polite about other people’s ideas Make sure that everyone is involved in the discussion Don’t be afraid to suggest different ideas or ideas other people may not agree with Try to use formal language, and avoid using slang

7 Watch this clip Here is a clip which shows some people’s views on what gangs are… Gangs - What are they?

8 News article Circle any words or phrases in the article which you do not understand. What are the key points in this article? Do you agree with this message?

9 Your task Work as a group to discuss the question ‘What is a gang?’
As you discuss your ideas you should take notes, as you will need these for later lessons These notes could be a brainstorm, or bullet points Use your own ideas as well as ideas from the video clip and the article

10 Plenary Lets hear some of your ideas…
Now spend 5 minutes writing down your own individual ideas to answer the question ‘What is a gang?’ You should make notes in your book under this title

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