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1 Power Peer Editing Mrs. H-Ds Step-by-Step Program.

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1 1 Power Peer Editing Mrs. H-Ds Step-by-Step Program

2 2 Power Peer Editing Always remember these lessons: –A good peer editor makes a better self-editor because you learn by correcting other peoples work! –Treat your peers paper as if you will be graded on his/her errors and weaknesses.

3 3 Power Peer Editing Step One: –Read your peers entire paper for content. –Focus on the story. Do you understand whats going on? –Focus on the wording. Do the words flow? Does the plot make sense?

4 4 Power Peer Editing Step Two: –Read Entire Paper again, slowly... Fill out the evaluation sheet as you go. Mark convention errors. –Put awk by awkward areas and move on. –Circle the word and write sp –Fix areas that are incorrect with quotation marks –Circle or fix any Egregious Errors (see back of sheet) –Circle or fix any run-on sentences –Point out errors in verb tense- i.e., switching back and forth from past (said) to present (says)

5 5 Power Peer Editing Step Three –Kindly suggest to peer what his/her greatest area of improvement might be: ideas/content, organization, sentence fluency, voice, word choice, mechanics of punctuation, etc. Step Four –Also be sure that you write a POSITIVE comment if you didnt already. Positive feedback makes writers happy! Step Five –Return the paper and the completed Peer Edit sheet back to the author. Be willing to explain anything that you marked up.

6 6 If You Finish Early… Exchange papers with another member of your group. This time, dont worry about a peer edit sheet; just read for content. If you notice any blatant errors unfixed by the previous reader, fix them! The more feedback you can get/give on each others stories, the better! HAVE FUN! Enjoy the fruit of your peers labor.

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