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GRI NW European Energy Work Plan 2011 – 2014 Programme Office RCC meeting, 15 September 2011.

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1 GRI NW European Energy Work Plan 2011 – 2014 Programme Office RCC meeting, 15 September 2011

2 2 Applied criteria in elaboration of work plan Work plan should meet different criteria:  Focus on Framework Guidelines/ network codes  Linked to 3-year forward plan of European Commission  Commitment from relevant stakeholders is a prerequisite for success  Added value from regional approach  Drafting process should result in work plan with realistic ambitions

3 3 Outline of GRI NW European Energy Work Plan  Co-ordination of timely and correct implementation of the network codes CAM, Balancing and Interoperability  Projects that have regional interest or can feed into Framework Guidelines/ network codes that are still to be drafted Implementation work Pilot projects Pre- comitology  Early understanding of FG/ NC through dialogue between MS, NRAs and TSOs to ensure efficient comitology process

4 4 Implementation of the network codes  Implementation process is currently operationalised Regional operalization to make rules ”fit for purpose”(where and if required) Assist in timely monitoring and consistent implementation of the codes Report progress/ obstacles to ACER/ European Commisison/ Member States Role of the region: Implementation plan Regional operalization Reporting Monitoring Actual implementation

5 5 Pre-comitology meetings CAM Balancing Interoper. Etc. The 3-year work plan sets the agenda for the pre-comitology meetings Principles in Guidelines and network codes are explained and opinions communicated Pre-comitology takes place between MS, NRAs and TSOs during Government meeting  Provide early understanding to ensure an efficient comitology process Defined principles and rules Impact on energy market Stakeholders point of view

6 6 Possible pilot projects in 2012 - 2014  Commitment of relevant stakeholders  Realistic achievable goal  Foreseable timeframe  Beneficial to market and/ or FG/ NC discussion  Research into possibility of exploring market coupling  Gas Regional Investment Plan  Creation of joint regional booking platform for CAM Criteria for a pilotPossible projects  Precise deliverables and timeschedule to be chosen on annual basis

7 7 Vision of relevant actors on the work plan Initial view of EC Work plan seems to focus on what law is making us do Work plan could have higher level of ambition, especially: - Focus on early implementation Of the network codes; - Forward looking plan on infrastructure for our region Information on governance structure should be provided Suggested priorities by ACER Cross-regional work on regional booking platform CAM Definition and promotion of new Cross Border infrastructures Early implementation of FGL/NC

8 8 Questions to the RCC 1.To what extent can the work plan – taking into account the feedback of the EC and ACER – be further enhanced? 2.What areas of work are expected to be suitable for pilot projects? 3.How can stakeholder commitment within the region be (re)ensured?

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