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Michelle Elstob Caroline Bairstow

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1 Michelle Elstob Caroline Bairstow
My Life in Focus Michelle Elstob Caroline Bairstow

2 Outcomes What are they? ‘The feeling, experience or achievement a person has when support is received.’ How? Change a part of your life through goal setting. Maintain a part of your life to stay happy and safe. Prevent something harmful or upsetting.

3 Communication and support
Success! Choice Control Individuality Self directed support Respect Influence Decision making Dignity Positive Risk Taking Safety and security Community access Diversity New achievements Communication and support Person centred Access Health promotion Listen to all

4 Ladder Of Participation
If people didn’t ask you what you wanted would you be involved in your life? When people tell you what is happening do you feel involved? If people decide things for you without asking you – is this good or not? When people listen and make sure what you want happens – is this good or bad? When people work together to make things better for people – is this good or bad? If people can have ideas and make them happen- is this good or bad? No Control Information Consultation Getting involved Sharing Power Full Control

5 My Life In Focus Charter
Staying Safe…… Think! I can……. BE ME!..... Enjoying and Achieving.... Economic Well Being….. Being Healthy…… Making a Positive Contribution

6 Charter Mark

7 Check it Out!

8 Relax! Time to watch us at work!

9 Any questions?

10 Thank You

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