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EFM Workforce Development in the NHS Helen Agahi Jill Fortune 12 March 2009.

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1 EFM Workforce Development in the NHS Helen Agahi Jill Fortune 12 March 2009

2 Introduction Research Methodology Initial consultation Meetings Interviews E-mail correspondence Questionnaire Design Pilot Distribution Survey Results

3 All Participating Organisations

4 How are EFM services managed at your Trust?

5 In which areas of EFM is there an aging workforce?

6 In which areas of EFM is there an urgent requirement for succession planning?

7 In relation to EFM staff, please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

8 In your opinion what needs to be done to support effective succession planning for EFM staff?

9 Top 3 most significant drivers for developing the EFM workforce

10 In your experience are some NHS EFM roles difficult to recruit? (Please explain your answer specifying issues relating to role and band where possible.) Poor attraction to new vacancies Shortage of EFM Professional within current Banding Lack of suitable Skilled/Qualified Staff Difficult to match salary with post More attractive offer in other Sectors Specific Roles/Posts Finding the right person Lack of Trained/ Experienced Front-Line Staff Impact of Agenda for Change Lower Banding Higher Pay Expectancy Band 6 and 7 Low Apprentices Employment Low Pay - Unattractive Salary Geographical Location Management Level

11 Is it difficult to retain NHS EFM staff? Not Difficult Difficult Not difficult Low Turnover As a result of AFC + Pay Bands Based on Grades + Bands Retention of staff once recruited Long term employment + Pension + Stability within the Workforce Geographical location Inconsistency across the Trusts Low Pay More pay by Private Sectors The Impact of AFC Banding Specific Roles Aging Workforce Younger Staff Recruitment of new / right staff Geographical Location

12 Main barriers to undertaking training and development activities for EFM staff

13 In relation to developing a workforce strategy, are you doing any of the following?

14 In what areas are your EFM staff training and development needs?

15 In your opinion, what skills and qualifications will be required for future Directors of EFM? Competencies: Strategic management, Strategic understanding, Leadership Skills: Communication, Management, Negotiation Experience/Background: Knowledge of EFM, Business, engineering, financial background Qualifications: Masters Degree (Engineering, Building, Business Management, etc) and MBA (possibly in FM) Member of Professional Bodies: RICS /CIBSE/ IEEE

16 Need to raise the profile of EFM (Director at Trust Board level) There is a need for "new blood" in EFM management roles and a corresponding development programme for staff appointed to these roles The creation of viable and attractive career paths in the NHS as engineering / building / plumbing trades / crafts persons is essential for succession planning A graduate FM Managers training scheme is what is required to grow managers of the future Other Comments?

17 "There is a whole generation of specialist, technically trained, experienced Estates Managers coming up to retirement. Serious risks to quality, reliability & basic safety of specialist plant and services will result unless these skills are replaced. However, these people will be impossible to replace unless urgent training & development is put in place".

18 Further comments please… Please use the sheet provided to add further comments relating to Workforce Development in the NHS We welcome your opinion and will also aim to undertake any further analysis or research as suggested by the Network members These comments will be added in to the report representing further up to date views on this important subject

19 Thank you Any Questions?

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