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$$$$ The Goal is to Make $$ NOT Lose $$ How to Protect Yourself Online.

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1 $$$$ The Goal is to Make $$ NOT Lose $$ How to Protect Yourself Online

2 *Prep for This Weeks Session* Download, review and make copies of the Company Guidelines for Social Networking available on Weichert University. Click on the Make Your Connections icon on the homepage and look under e-Resources. *Delete this slide before presenting *

3 Todays Make Your Connections Session Today well review highlights of everything weve covered thus far and then explore how to legally protect yourself and your business when networking and advertising online.

4 Weicherts definition of social networking Benefits of social networking Developing an online strategy Getting noticed online Driving traffic to your website Tips that save time and generate leads Lets review the top tips from each… Recap of Our Previous Workshops…

5 Weichert Definition: Social Networking This summer we redefined the term social networking to include: Online social networking and Face-to-face social networking (i.e., open houses and home buyer seminars)…since we know that were in a face-to-face business

6 Benefits of Social Networking 1.Establishing a presence – Creating online profiles allows more people to get to know who you are and what you do. 2.Generate leads and build your sphere– You quickly and significantly build your network through online channels, which ultimately should lead to more business. 3.Educate the public – Keeps your friends and followers updated on the latest industry news and your local market. Youll be seen as the industry and neighborhood specialist.

7 Lets review the process that customers typically follow when selecting a real estate agent and why it is necessary to have an active online presence… Why You Should Have an Online Presence

8 This is a primary reason why you should have an active online presence.

9 It starts with determining a goal… Establish a professional presence Widely expand your sphere and promote your local expertise Promote yourself and your listings Double traffic to your website and generate leads Developing Your Online Strategy Post ListingsBloggingNetworkingAdvice & Leads

10 Ensure your profiles are complete. Most social media profiles carry a lot of Google weight which will make it easier for customers to search and find you. Getting Noticed Online Be cautious and mindful of how you appear online. Maintain your image, reputation, and credibility as a successful real estate agent with your online network just as you do within your community.

11 Balance your updates by applying the three Ps of social networking. Personality – be authentic, responsive, and positive Passion – share your hobbies and interests Profession – let them know about what is keeping you busy (open houses, listings, closings, etc) Getting Noticed Online, continued Stay focused on being a Trusted Advisor. Make more emotional deposits than withdrawals when interacting online Establish a resource list of valuable, informative items to share Create and maintain a daily schedule

12 Driving Traffic to Your Website Whats the number one reason consumers go to the web when it comes to real estate? LISTINGS

13 Top 10 Things to do to Drive Traffic 1.Get one local market domain name and a second with your personal name 2.Purchase an IDX website 3.Embed local keywords throughout your site 4.Post local data that customers will value 5.Do some basic SEO 6.Promote/advertise your URL on all marketing materials/email 7.Advertise your URL to your local neighborhoods 8.Leverage free sites to promote yourself and your website 9.Submit your URL to search engines 10.Use social networking sites

14 Tips to Save You Time & Gain Business LinkedIn: request client recommendations and export your connections to excel for other uses Facebook: import your email contact lists from outlook, AOL, spreadsheets, etc. and set up mobile service Postlets: post listings online and easily add to other sites (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Zillow) Weichert Agent Pages: Also allows you to post listings to other sites Twitter: use applications like HootSuite and Tweetdeck to manager your account, and set up mobile service Create a social networking schedule Tip sheet available on Weichert University

15 Now that we have reviewed all of the great social networking strategies and tips that weve covered this summer on promoting yourself and generating business online … Lets switch gears and explore how to protect your image and business from legal issues and penalties when social marketing and advertising online. Protecting Your Online Presence

16 NHFA Asks Congress to Bar Discriminatory Web Ads The National Fair Housing Alliance reports that Fair Housing centers and government agencies saw a 30 percent increase in the number of complaints by families with children who said they were denied housing accommodations. NFHA said it had identified more than 7,500 discriminatory family status advertisements – mostly on the Internet – that specifically stated no kids or couples only. The Alliance is calling on Congress to amend the Communications Decency Act to forbid Web sites from discriminating against protected classes. Source: NHFA Real Estate Intelligence Report, 2009

17 $$$$ Make $$ NOT Lose $$ In order to avoid unnecessary fines, legal complications or jeopardize your business, all online marketing and advertising must be compliant with REC and NAR regulations and Weichert policy and procedures. Sales associate marketing and advertising refers to all mediums: Traditional print advertising Online advertising: including, but not limited to Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, personal website and email flyers.

18 The Tools You Need Every advertisement must have the following elements: Office name Office telephone number Weichert logo Fair Housing logo Appropriate disclaimer information

19 Building the Perfect Ad Your Ad Here

20 Names, Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses The Weichert Office name and telephone number must appear more prominently than the associates. A personal telephone number of the Sales Associate (cell, home etc) should not be presented as such to be misinterpreted as being the Weichert office number. Associate email addresses should be a addresses

21 Compliant Logos Equal Housing and Weichert logos must appear in all ads Weicherts name and logo should appear prominently. The Equal Housing logo must appear legibly and in the bottom left corner. For esthetic purposes, the Weichert logo should appear in the bottom right. Important Note: When advertising online, you may have little or no flexibility in posting logos and controlling layout, your advertising must still incorporate these elements.

22 Jane Smith Weichert, Realtors® 888-888-8888 (office) 999-999-9999 (cell) View my other listings Use to Post Listings This sites template enables you to be compliant with company name, phone number, and logos. Postlets automatically syndicates to several search sites Easily share it on other social media sites with just a few clicks (Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, Zillow etc.)

23 Advertising Online If you do not have the ability to post the Equal Housing logo, you must use the following language in your ad: Equal Housing Opportunity

24 Stick to the Facts Truth and Accuracy is important in all of your ads. All property descriptions need to be accurate and factually correct. Features should not be based upon changeable or uncontrollable factors. For example, cul-de-sac street is factual; quiet street is not. Similarly, claims about privacy must be based upon the large lot size or landscape features, not on a neighboring propertys dense plantings or absence of buildings.

25 Is This Ad Compliant? Beautiful home on a corner lot with a private backyard that is surrounded by mature trees.

26 Answer No Surrounded by mature trees is a violation of truth and accuracy because it is a factor of the property that can change at any time. (the trees may be removed). Beautiful home on a corner lot with a private backyard that is surrounded by mature trees.

27 Acceptable Description Beautiful home on a corner lot with a large* backyard. *As long as the backyard is large relative to the surrounding area.

28 Reference to Quality Making references to quality of construction can be very tempting when advertising a listing. Examples of unacceptable wording include: quality built, top quality, and finest craftsmanship.

29 Is This Description Acceptable? A custom home by Rosario Brothers that features detailed moldings and extensive millwork.

30 Answer A custom home by Rosario Brothers that features detailed moldings and extensive millwork. Yes To avoid legal liability, an ad cannot make any reference to the quality of construction. You may use such wording as: exquisite moldings, extensive millwork, and elegant Old World appointments, if factually accurate.

31 The Best of Everything When promoting a property, making distinguishing claims about Weichert, local school districts, and mortgage rates should be avoided. Making such claims requires you to provide supporting documentation and statistics to back up the claim. For example:

32 Claims You Should Avoid Using Best school district… Lowest interest rate.. Most sales in Union County... These claims would need to be supported and documented with MLS figures with dates, Blue Ribbon school awards with year, etc.

33 Fair Housing Requirements Proper wording within the advertisement should not include what is/is not suited for a particular group of persons. For example: Ad copy/Open House directions should not include any references to nearby religious or ethnic institutions, buildings, landmarks, or services, as that would suggest that youre steering people of a certain religion or ethnic group to that property location.

34 Is This Description Acceptable? What a location! Charming 1920's colonial on.41 acre oversized lot. Walk to downtown Smithtown.

35 Answer No Proper wording within the advertisement should not include what is/is not suited for a particular group of persons. This ad is not suited for disabled persons, which is a protected class. Avoid restricting descriptions among groups who are afforded protection by Federal and State anti-discrimination laws. What a location! Charming 1920's colonial on.41 acre oversized lot. Walk to downtown Smithtown.

36 Acceptable Description What a location! Charming 1920's colonial on.41 acre oversized lot. Close to downtown Smithtown.

37 Awards/Production Claims Prior to placement, any ad citing awards, production claims and ranking of a sales associate must be approved by the Manager. State Level awards must include the year of the award and specify the state associations name: Jane Doe: Named New York Real Estate Magazines Realtor of the Year, 2005 Weichert Awards should include the year awarded: Jane Doe, Presidents Club 2003 - 2008

38 Disclaimers All advertising for the Weichert Family of companies must include the appropriate disclaimers, including: Capital Properties and Estates New Homes Weichert Affiliates

39 Capital Properties and Estates For properties listed as Capital Properties and Estates must include the following: An affiliate of Weichert, Realtors®,

40 New Homes Ads must contain: the phrase SALES AGENT in all capital letters, along with this disclosure: The statements and representations contained herein are those of the builder, and not Weichert, Realtors® or Weichert New Homes and Land. All full-page PRINT ads must also include this additional disclosure: This advertisement shall not constitute an offer, solicitation, or participation in a disposition of property in any jurisdiction where prior registration or qualifications are or, in the future, may be required. This advertisement shall not guarantee that the amenities, facilities, and features will be constructed as depicted. Dimensions, sizes, locations, floor plans, amenities, facilities, and designs are subject to change. Ads for Weichert New Homes must include this website address:

41 Weichert Affiliates For all Weichert Affiliate properties it must include the following: Each Weichert franchised office in independently owned and operated. The franchise name MUST be included along with Weichert Realtors. Weichert Realtors, Green Acres.

42 Protecting Your Online Presence As a result of the various uses for the Internet today, the lines between business and personal can often and easily become blurred. You should be informed and aware that there are proper and improper uses of social media from a business perspective.

43 Protecting Your Online Presence Handout Company Guidelines for Social Networking

44 For More Social Networking Tips Go To Weichert University

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