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Abhisek Sinha Product Manager, Actuate

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1 Abhisek Sinha Product Manager, Actuate
Who is BIRT? Solving Your Data Visualization Needs with Open Source Reporting Abhisek Sinha Product Manager, Actuate 1 1

2 Today’s Agenda and Goals
Background The Emergence of the BIRT Project Getting to Know BIRT: Demo Architecture and Extensibility Market Adoption Deployment Options BIRT Technology Family Case Study Summary

3 Business Intelligence and Reporting
Purchase Orders Account Transaction Histories Most applications have some type of data visualization need… And the simple problems are easy, but… Real-world data visualization is challenging… Gather the data Perform calculations, sort, group, aggregate, total… Present information professionally …and meeting user demand is crucial to the success of an application Budget Reports Supplier Status Reports Sales Reports Online and Printed Statements Daily Work Order Task Lists Shipping Manifests Defect Tracking Invoices Network Outage Frequency Assets Under Management Utility Bills Deviation from Service Level Objectives 360° Customer Views Sales Commissions Website Traffic Analysis

4 Traditional Approaches to the Problem
Crystal Reports ReportNet StyleReports JReports Buy Closed-Source Commercial Products Custom-Developed Solution Build JSP JFaces Java HTML XML XSLT JavaScript

5 Open Source Creates New Choices
Closed-Source Commercial Products Buy Open-Source-Based Products Build using Open Source Code Leverage Open Source in a Custom Solution Open Source Products Custom-Developed Solution Build

6 Actuate Launches the BIRT Project
Actuate proposed and started BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project … a top-level Eclipse project Actuate Joins Eclipse Foundation as Strategic Developer and Board Member Adds BI and Reporting as Open Source Project Professional open source Primary development resources funded by Actuate Contributions from many sources IBM, Innovent Solutions and community AUGUST 2004

7 Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
A New Generation of Reporting and Data Visualization Technology Makes all report development easy Modern, web-page design metaphor Open and standards-based Flexible with rich programmatic control Full support for libraries and reuse Foundation for a range of solutions Simplicity that makes simple reports easy Power to create very complex layouts BIRT

8 Six Major Releases since Project Launch
BIRT Release History Six Major Releases since Project Launch September 2004 BIRT Project proposal accepted, and project launched June 2005 1.0 Eclipse Report Designer, Report Engine, Chart Engine December 2005 2.0 Support for a wide variety of common report types June 2006 2.1 Advanced parameters, ability to join data sets, … June 2007 2.2 Dynamic crosstab support, web services data source, … June 2008 2.3 JavaScript Debugger, BiDi Support, Charts in Crosstabs, … June 2009 2.5 Page aggregates, Multiple drill-downs in Charts, …….. Ground-up initiative: Innovative approach to layout and design Enterprise-class, designed to handle real-world problems Developed in the open with community feedback at all stages

9 Getting to Know BIRT DEMO

10 BIRT Example Key Capabilities
Very Simple to Very Complex Layouts Listings, cross-tab, dashboard, pixel-perfect, charts … Grouping, advanced aggregations, sub-totals, calculations Multi-section and sub-reports Conditional sections and logic Full programmatic control/scripting Embedded images… Comprehensive Data Access SQL databases, Web Services, Flat Files, XML, scripted data sources … Multiple data sources in one design… Output Formats HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint… Internationalization of labels and text Bi-Directional language display Re-use and Developer Productivity Library support for publishing and sharing components Leverages common standards (SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, XML) Cascading Style Sheets Built-in debugger… Interactivity and Linking Data driven hyperlinks Drill-through charts and graphics… Multiple Usage and Productivity Aids Graphical layout and design Query & metadata editors Formatting Builder Grouping Builder Customizable cheat sheets and templates…

11 BIRT Design Gallery Charts and Tables
Listing with Groups and Sub-Totals

12 BIRT Design Gallery Crosstab and Charts Crosstabs

13 BIRT Design Gallery Forms Calendar / Schedule

14 BIRT Design Gallery Multi-Language and Bi-Directional Dashboards
Multi-Language report shows Hebrew and English. Dashboards

15 BIRT Chart Gallery

16 BIRT Chart Gallery

17 BIRT Chart Gallery

18 High-Level BIRT Architecture
BIRT Report Designer Eclipse Report Designer Eclipse DTP, WTP,… Chart Designer Report Design Engine XML Report Design BIRT Report Engine Report Document Generation Services Charting Engine Data Data Services Presentation Services HTML PDF Excel Word PowerPoint PostScript Data

19 APIs and Extension Points
Extensibility is a key principle of the BIRT Project Data source extensibility Application specific design-time query builders Custom design-time and run-time data access Custom business logic extensibility Incorporate complex business logic scripting Access existing and new Java code Visualization extensibility Build new visual data presentation ‘widgets’ Extend charting with new chart types; new output formats Rendering content for output Target output for specific devices and formats

20 High Level BIRT Architecture: APIs
Design Engine API BIRT Report Designer Custom Report Designer UI Eclipse Report Designer Eclipse DTP, WTP,… Chart Designer Chart UI API Report Design Engine XML Report Design Report Engine API BIRT Report Engine Report Document Generation Services Charting Engine Scripting API Chart Engine API Data Data Services Presentation Services HTML PDF Excel Word PowerPoint PostScript Data Open Data Access Emitter API

21 BIRT APIs Design Engine API (DE API)
Create and modify the XML report design Report Engine API (RE API) Create the report output based on XML report design file Used by the Report Designer Preview and the Web Viewer Chart Engine API (CE API) Can be used as standalone package to create and render charts Embedded in DE API and RE API

22 BIRT Momentum Downloads
Thousands of downloads More than 6.5 million downloads through December 2008 BIRT Downloads “BIRT is one of the top 10 most downloaded commercially supported open source applications and has a tremendous growth curve over the last two years.” Andrew Aitken, Managing Partner, Olliance Group BIRT technology is tried and tested in many applications

23 BIRT Momentum Sample BIRT Adopters

24 BIRT Momentum Publications
BIRT: A Field Guide to Reporting 2nd Edition Integrating and Extending BIRT 2nd Edition Practical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT Eclipse BIRT: Business Intelligence und Reporting Tool

25 BIRT Project Users Easy Complex AUDIENCE FEATURES Report developers
Drag-and-drop authoring, charting Advanced report developers Scripting, script API Runtime integration developers BIRT Viewer and engine APIs Report design integration Design engine API Extension developers BIRT extension points Core development Eclipse development, open source 25

26 How is BIRT Being Used? BIRT Report Designer on Desktops
Use BIRT Report Designer as a desktop reporting solution BIRT Report Designer Usage Scenario Desktop personal productivity tool Users Report developers Advanced business users

27 How is BIRT Being Used? Integrated Data Visualization
Integrate Open Source BIRT Report Engine into application Application Integration Code BIRT Engine Usage Scenario Add reporting and data visualization to applications Users ISV and Enterprise Application Developers Java Developers, PHP Developers, … Report Developers

28 How is BIRT Being Used? Business Intelligence
Leverage commercial deployment solution for BIRT Reports Report Server BIRT Engine Usage Scenario Automated report generation, distribution, … Interactivity, security, … Users Report developers Business users

29 BIRT Deployment Options
Web Applications Web Viewer Sample Web application that encapsulates BIRT APIs Provides pagination, Table of Contents, PDF output etc. Available within the Report Engine download Custom Servlet Write custom code for functionality provided by BIRT Viewer Example available on BIRT Exchange Access BIRT Report Engine API RCP Applications Web Viewer Plugin Add BIRT Viewer plugin to list of required plugins Add Report Engine plugin to list of required plugins Standalone Java Applications

30 Deployment Scenarios - Web Viewer
Sample implementation of the BIRT report engine in a web application Ajax-based Viewer – contains page navigation, TOC, parameter entry, export and print controls in the toolbar Servlet mappings /frameset – to create page navigation, TOC, parameter entry, export, and print controls to the toolbar /run – to generate single-page HTML output, PDF documents, toolbar is not needed

31 Deployment Scenarios - Web Viewer
Deployment Steps Download Report Engine from Extract zip file to local folder Deploy the birt.war file / Copy birt.war to the webapps directory (for Tomcat) Examples Access report bundled in birt.war - Viewer with toolbar, TOC - Viewer without toolbar, TOC - Generate PDF - History by Product Line.rptdesign&__format=pdf Pass Parameters - Display only chart/table as a reportlet -

32 Deployment Scenarios – Custom Servlet
YourServletExample logs The default location for BIRT logs. report Default location of Report Designs images Default location for report images WEB-INF lib Location for BIRT required jars. Copy from Runtime. platform plugins BIRT required runtime plug-ins. Copy from runtime. configuration Location for OSGi configuration files. Copy from runtime.

33 Deployment Scenarios – Custom Servlet The servlet that handles report generation on a GET command. public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws ServletException, IOException { //get report name and launch the engine resp.setContentType("text/html"); String reportName = req.getParameter("ReportName"); ServletContext sc = req.getSession().getServletContext(); this.birtReportEngine = BirtEngine.getBirtEngine(sc); IReportRunnable design; try{ //Open report design design = birtReportEngine.openReportDesign( c.getRealPath("/Reports")+"/"+reportName); //create task to run and render report IRunAndRenderTask task = birtReportEngine.createRunAndRenderTask( design ); task.getAppContext().put(EngineConstants.APPCONTEXT_CLASSLOADER_KEY, WebReport.class.getClassLoader()); //set output options HTMLRenderOption options = new HTMLRenderOption(); options.setImageHandler(new HTMLServerImageHandler()); options.setOutputFormat(HTMLRenderOption.OUTPUT_FORMAT_HTML); options.setOutputStream(resp.getOutputStream()); options.setBaseImageURL(req.getContextPath()+"/images"); options.setImageDirectory(sc.getRealPath("/images")); task.setRenderOption(options); //run report; task.close(); }catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); throw new ServletException( e ); }}

34 Actuate BIRT Technology Family
Complementing and Extending Eclipse BIRT BIRT Interactive Viewer Actuate BIRT Viewer Actuate BIRT Report Designers iServer Express iServer Enterprise Deployment Kits Actuate BIRT Report Studio Deployment Tools High-Scale Distribution Development Tools User Interactivity Engage users with rich, interactive content Skill-specific tools for developers and users Manage, schedule, secure, run and distribute Load-balanced, high availability for 100,000s of users Eclipse BIRT Meet core reporting requirements

35 Actuate BIRT Goes Beyond Eclipse BIRT
Visualizations FlashChart report item FlashGadget report item FlashObject report item 266 Flash visualizations HTML button report item Data Sources BIRT Report documents Data connectors for SQL databases Information Objects Integration JavaScript API Packaging Installer for BIRT Report Designer Addison-Wesley books Deployment BIRT Reports for iServer BIRT Interactive Viewer BIRT Report Studio Enterprise Scale Page Level Security iServer Navigator Built-in Information Object Designer

36 Actuate BIRT Report Studio
Easy to use… end-users do not know SQL… iterative development Toolbar Cut/Copy/Paste Delete Undo/Redo Chart Table Insert Group Filter Prompt Format Run Print Export User-selected Information Object Drag- and-drop palette Data styles Template objects Grouping and sorting Format text and currencies Calculated column

37 Actuate BIRT Interactive Viewer
Simple and advanced filters Modify labels Toolbar Table of contents Page navigation Printing Export data Save Grouping Sorting Custom calculations Show/hide columns Hide/show elements Formatting text and currencies Conditional formatting

38 BIRT Applications From Open Source and Embedded to Enterprise
Publish rich apps outside the firewall Secure and support millions of users Scale, performance, security, reliability BIRT + iServer Enterprise Implement security & management Publish rich PM apps that satisfy users BIRT + iServer Express BIRT + Flash Widgets + … Engage users and let them drive rich apps BIRT Open Source Free Open Source Tools Embedded Applications Department Applications Enterprise Applications Traditional BI Vendors Actuate

39 Case Study – IBM Tivoli Maximo
Maximo is an enterprise software product within the Tivoli division of IBM (NYSE: IBM) IBM Maximo Asset Management unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management on a single platform. Maximo provides insight for all of enterprise assets, Service Level Agreements, maintenance conditions and work processes, for better planning and control.

40 Case Study – IBM Tivoli Maximo
BIRT is embedded in the Maximo web application Approximately 150 BIRT designs included in Maximo: Work Order Details Service Level Agreements Asset Availability Asset Failure Analysis Software Usage BIRT security integrated tightly with Maximo Administration Application BIRT is a key component of many Tivoli products

41 BIRT: What is Next? Eclipse BIRT 2.5.1 Release
Part of Eclipse Galileo simultaneous release Development is underway now See project plan for details Actuate 11 More interactivity, deployment features, business user tools

42 Resources BIRT Exchange Community Site
Centralized knowledge hub for BIRT developers Access demos, tutorials, tips and techniques, documentation… Easy for users to contribute content, share knowledge Enables developers to be more productive and build applications faster Explore Search/sort Rate, comment Forums Download Documentation Software Examples Contribute Report designs Code samples Technical tips

43 BIRT Exchange DevShare
Data Integration BIRT Scripted Data Source Example BIRT Connection Pooling Web Services Data Application Integration Java Event Handler Placing Java Classes Run BIRT Reports at Command Line Report Engine API Using the BIRT Report Engine API Calling the BIRT RE API Execute BIRT Reports from Java class API – Examples

44 BIRT Exchange DevShare
Web Viewer Exploring BIRT Deployment Options Using the Report Viewer Deploying BIRT WebViewerExample in Tomcat Birt Viewer 2.3 User Reference BIRT URL Security Custom Parameter page Additional Integration Examples Integrating BIRT with Hibernate and Struts Using BIRT with Stripes Using BIRT with JBoss Seam Integrating BIRT with Spring Deploying BIRT RCP App through Java Web Start JBoss BIRT Portlet Deploy BIRT on GlassFish

45 A New Generation of Reporting and Data Visualization Technology
Summary A New Generation of Reporting and Data Visualization Technology Top-level open source Eclipse project Free with commercial friendly license Powerful, extensible data visualization technology Easy-to-use, web-centric design metaphor Very active community with more than 6.5 million downloads Actuate extends and complements BIRT with value-added technology

46 Who is BIRT? Solving Your Data Visualization Needs with Open Source Reporting
Q & A 46 46

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